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Booze cruise calculator

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Booze cruise calculator

Find out if it's cheaper to take a trip to France to buy your supplies!

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Are you in the process of planning a wedding, a birthday or another big event? Leading provider of temporary insurance, Tempcover, have created a handy calculator to show just how much you could save by taking a booze cruise from the UK to Calais.

Just enter your location and your desired quantity of booze and let the calculator work out the type of vehicle you’ll need and just how much cash you can save.


The Booze Cruise Calculator

Alcohol prices in England are some of the most expensive in Europe. Is it cheaper to take a trip and buy in France? Enter your starting point to find out.

How much booze do you need?






  • Hatchback
  • Saloon/Estate
  • Van

Total trip cost


Saving vs. UK prices


Cost breakdown

  • Fuel cost £0.00
  • Ferry crossing cost £0.00
  • Insurance cost £0.00
  • Booze cost £0.00


  • Alcohol limits are estimated by converting the standard EU measurements (750ml for bottles of wine and 440ml for cans of beer) against the maximum amount allowed through customs according to gov.uk.
  • Miles to Calais calculated from Google Maps.
  • Fuel costs are averaged between engine size according to advisory fuel rates and collated against pence per mile vs. miles to Calais (round-trip).
  • Average price of alcohol in the UK and EU is based on online retail prices.
  • Average price of cost of temporary car/van insurance is from Tempcover’s internal data.
  • Ferry costs are averaged and do not conform to type of vehicle or date.
  • Amount of space required is established by converting boot capacity (in litres) against the size of cans and bottles in cubic meters.

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