We’ve all seen the iconic scene between Jack and Rose on the Titanic, finding saucy solace in the back seat of a classic car, but according to our latest survey, this type of rendezvous isn’t just reserved for the big screen.

Here at Tempcover we surveyed 1,000 drivers, all of whom admitted to steaming up their own car windows. We asked everything from who they were doing it with, to why, their most favoured positions and where in the car gave them the biggest thrill.

of Brits have had sex in a car
have done so with a boyfriend or girlfriend
admitted to cheating on their partner in a car
(66%) said sex in a car was a spontaneous decision
said they did it to add excitement to their sex life

Location Hot Spots

From feeling loved up in laybys, to getting frisky in fields, we asked drivers which location they were most likely to do the deed.

The most popular choice by a mile was country lane, with 65% of people surveyed admitting to having sex in this location. The least popular locations included on a street and a multi storey car park.

Country lane
Car park
Multi-storey carpark
Moving vehicle

Preferred Area of Car, by Brand

Do Brits’ preferences differ depending on the brand of car they own?

We asked each driver to share where in the car they’d had sex, before ranking each area out of five, with five being a satisfaction rating of very good.

Our results reveal that drivers rated the bonnet of the car as the most pleasurable, with 18% scoring it as very good, compared to the least popular area, on the roof, where only 1.7% of drivers gave it the top score.

Bonnet of the car
  • Ford
  • Vauxhall
  • Toyota
  • SEAT
  • MINI
  • Citroen
Roof of the car
  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • Skoda
In the boot of the car
  • Renault
Back seat
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
Folded down seats
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Kia
  • Peugeot
  • Volvo

The UK’s Favourite Position

In need of a little inspiration? We asked drivers to share each position they had tried and tested, as well as which they enjoyed the most.

The drivers surveyed admitted to trialling the following positions the most:

Please note that the following content contains images of a sexual and sensitive nature
On Top
Seated Back Bend
Modified Missionary
Mutual Masturbation
Reverse Cowgirl
Modified Doggy
Oral Sex

Whilst the most popular position, ‘on top’ was actually ranked second for satisfaction, with 28% of drivers scoring it as very good, it was in fact oral sex that was voted the best position for pleasure, with 33% of the people surveyed giving it top marks.

Regional Preferences

How do couples' favourite positions differ by region?

We asked drivers to give each position a satisfaction rating out of five, before analysing the results to determine position preference by region.

Favourite Position: Modified Doggy
2nd Favourite Position: On Top
Northern Ireland
Favourite Position: Modified Missionary
2nd Favourite Position: 69
North East
Favourite Position: Modified Missionary
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
Yorkshire and the Humber
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
North West
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
East Midlands
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Other
East of England
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
West Midlands
Favourite Position: Mutual Masturbation
2nd Favourite Position: Modified Doggy
Greater London
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
South East
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend
South West
Favourite Position: On Top
2nd Favourite Position: Seated Back Bend

Motoring Mishaps

Taking sex with your partner from the bedroom to your car doesn’t come without its risks. We asked drivers to share the most common injuries and mishaps they’ve encountered whilst getting carried away in their car.

Tap each icon to find out more.

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people aged 55 and over are most likely to get caught by the police
of Londoners have been caught by a stranger
of Audi drivers have been watched whilst having sex in a car
of Scottish drivers have injured themselves or their partner
1 in 10
BMW drivers say they’ve conceived a child in a car

What our Sexpert Thinks

“According to this fascinating survey, nearly half of Brits’ admiring their cars may also be fondly remembering their amours. It’s astonishing how many of us have taken advantage of four seats and a reliable suspension. In parts of Italy, where young couples live with their parents, the car is often the only ‘room’ they can afford.

Cars aren’t sexy because they go fast. Their real appeal is providing a mobile love-space where secret intimacies can be freely exchanged. Nobody else knows what your hands are doing, or your minds have planned.

Victorian Londoners had sex in horse-cabs with the curtains closed telling the driver to “go around the park slowly”. Today, you find a lovers’ lane where couples go to kiss and pet – and as the survey shows – carry out any and every sexual experiment.

This falls foul of the law if you do so “publicly” so others can see but car sex in itself is not illegal. Anyone reckless enough to have sex while driving, of course, needs to remember that orgasm is sometimes called “the little death” because you lose motor control in every sense of the word!

Encouragingly, this Tempcover survey shows that almost half of us can regain a sense of romantic excitement from taking our love lives for a drive. There’s something so specifically erotic about asking that special someone to join you in private, free from other distractions, at the closest of quarters, away from parents and children and wearing clothes that are deliberately free-flowing, minimal and – ideally - button-free.”

Phillip Hodson is a well-known psychotherapist and broadcaster who has written columns for many leading newspapers and magazines - often about love, sex and relationships - as well as 13 books. He is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.

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