Daily Car Insurance - for your own vehicle

There are a number of reasons why you could be looking to take out daily car insurance for your own vehicle.

Perhaps a friend, co-worker or relative needs to borrow your car, whether it be for something as routine as going to the supermarket or maybe they need to make a longer journey to visit relatives. Perhaps it is an emergency and your car is needed to get to the hospital, either to the maternity ward or A&E. Maybe you’re incapacitated or have short term injury which means you are unable to drive yourself and need a friend or family member to temporarily chauffeur you for a few days?

Whatever the reason, it will often be cheaper and easier to take out a separate car insurance policy for the day rather than trying to amend your annual policy. Taking out an individual policy has many benefits. It provides the extra driver with fully comprehensive cover and as it is a separate policy it will not affect your own annual policy should they have to make a claim.

Daily Car Insurance - Additional driver

We can supply daily car insurance if the person who wants to drive your car is not already an additional driver (i.e. a named driver on your existing policy). With Tempcover you can get immediate short term car insurance that will protect everyone and safeguard your no claims bonus. Our policies enable you to insure your vehicle from one to twenty-eight days, and we also have targeted learner driver insurance for drivers on a provisional licence.

You can visit an alternate page on the Tempcover website for details of our daily insurance policies relating to a car you do not own.

What We Can Offer

  • More flexibility, allowing you to customise your daily car insurance policy to suit your needs.
  • Comprehensive coverage and not simply third party cover.
  • An affordable daily pricing structure as well as daily insurance rates.
Daily car insurance for your own vehicle | Tempcover