Daily Insurance from Tempcover

Whilst you may have an annual policy in place for your own vehicle there could still be occasions when you need to drive a vehicle that isn’t your own for a day or longer and will therefore need to seek daily insurance.

Perhaps you have been forced to use a courtesy car, or a friend’s car, whilst your own vehicle is in for a service. Maybe you have had to borrow a larger car than your own in order to take a family holiday, or ferry one of the children to or from University. Perhaps you’ve lent a vehicle from a colleague in order to move house, or maybe you’re just test-driving a new vehicle you have had your eye on.

Daily insurance from Tempcover can provide you not just with appropriate insurance cover, but also peace of mind that you are fully covered in all these scenarios should the worst happen. That’s why with Tempcover getting daily insurance cover is quick and easy and will protect everyone’s no-claims bonus.

Daily Insurance – Borrowed Car

At Tempcover we can arrange daily insurance which allows you to be covered on a fully comprehensive basis. If you don't currently have car insurance in place, or even if you are insured annually on another vehicle, it is important to ensure you have the correct level of cover when borrowing someone else's car.

At Tempcover our daily insurance policies ensure any qualified motorist can drive a car that is not theirs, provided the vehicle has not been modified, has no more than 8 seats in total, is registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man and has a minimum market value of £800.

Our daily insurance, as with all our temporary car insurance policies and products, guarantees the most competitive daily insurance rates in the market.

You can visit an alternate page on the Tempcover website for details of our daily car insurance policies for vehicles that you do own.

Daily car insurance for a vehicle you dont own | Tempcover