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Tempcover Help - what types of passport do you accept

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ID & Licence

What types of passport do you accept?

We can only accept a valid UK Passport in order to complete your purchase.

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What is my licence number? Where do I find it?

Your licence number should be on the photocard licence you hold, for UK licences it is listed as point 5.

If you can’t locate this, you can log in to the DVLA website to retrieve it.

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Can I use my EU Licence number?

Whilst we accept UK/NI/EU & EEA licences as part of your application, if you are required to provide your identification to us, we can only accept UK Identification.

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Can I use my Northern Ireland Issued Licence?

While Northern Ireland is, of course, part of the United Kingdom, Northern Irish driving licences have a different format of numbering. For this reason we are unfortunately unable to use them for validation purposes. If you have selected that you hold a Northern Irish driving licence, and further validation is required, then our system may ask you for you passport number instead.

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Why won’t you accept my licence number?

Sometimes when purchasing a policy, you’ll be asked to provide your licence number. If you’re getting a message that states the information does not match or isn’t valid, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Check your licence is UK registered (Northern Ireland and Isle of Man have a different format, and sadly, therefore, can’t be accepted)
  • Check your first and last name are spelt correctly, and you haven’t used a nickname or different name on the form itself
  • Check your date of birth is entered correctly
  • Check that the licence number you’re giving belongs to the driver you’re insuring
  • Check that you’re not accidentally entering a number instead of a letter, for example, “0” not “O”

Once you’ve checked all of these things, we’re pretty confident you won’t have any further issues.

However, if you need us – we’re here to help! Just submit your query on the Contact Us page.

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