One day car insurance

Only need car insurance for one day? Temporary insurance is the solution for you!

How can we help you with car insurance today?

Last Updated: 20/02/2017 14:20:40

One day car insurance is the ideal option for many of life’s short adventures. It’s the best way to ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong while driving another car. If you only need cover for a day, short term insurance saves you the hassle and expense of adjusting your annual policy by covering you for duration you want without tying you in to any long term contracts.

From emergencies to simple everyday jobs, things can happen at short notice and you may find you need to drive someone else’s car or have someone drive yours. With temporary car insurance, you can get cover that’s comprehensive as and when you need it.

Can I get car insurance for one day?

Yes, you can insure a car for a day. With short term insurance, you can be covered from one day to 28 days.

There are many reasons to insure your car for a day. Whether you’re borrowing a car in an emergency or lending your car to a friend, one day insurance is the best and cheapest way to protect everyone.

While annual policies are great for year-round driving, they aren’t as flexible as one day insurance. Some annual policies don’t allow you to add extra drivers to your policy and even if you could be added to an existing policy, the effort and possible cost for 24 hours of cover is off-putting for many.

If you’re driving someone else’s vehicle, one day car insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered if the worst should happen. If you’re the vehicle owner, you don’t need to worry about losing your no claims discount because that’s not affected.

When would one day car insurance be the best option?


One day car cover is the best and often cheapest insurance solution for many everyday situations, especially for those unforeseen emergencies. You can get a cheap quote in minutes and you’re covered from the moment you need it. Policy documents are sent via email to get so you don’t waste any time waiting around. In an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance, so having the instant protection of a short term policy can help reduce the stress of a difficult situation and make life that bit easier.

Day trips

Short term car insurance doesn’t have always to be bought at the last minute. If you’re planning a day trip where you share the driving, you can get day insurance up to a month in advance. Take the worry out of driving someone else’s car by ensuring you’re fully protected with our comprehensive cover. You can also make sure any no claims discounts you or your travel companions may have are safe because temporary car insurance protects them as well.

Buying a new car

Buying a new car is an exciting experience for all drivers but organising annual insurance can be time-consuming. You’ll want to get behind the wheel as soon as you purchase your new toy, so getting a quick, cheap day insurance policy means you waste no time or money. While you spend time finding the right yearly policy for your new car, you can still drive away knowing you’re protected.

It’s also ideal if you’re planning to sell your current car before buying a new one. If you’re selling it privately the potential buyer will want to test drive it before they buy. Rather than add them to your existing policy or risk an unlimited fine, simply get a flexible short term policy to cover them and your car during a test drive.

Test Drive

Whenever you’re purchasing a new car, you should always take it for a test drive to make sure there are no faults or problems under the bonnet. Wherever you go on a test drive, you need to be insured and adding a car to your existing policy can take a huge amount of time and money. With a one day car insurance policy you know that you, the car you’re testing and the owners no claims discount are covered. With this comprehensive protection, you can focus on making sure it’s the right car for you.

Moving house

If you need one day cover for moving house then a car might not be big enough for all your boxes, but fear not because we also offer one day van insurance. Whatever the vehicle, the last thing you want to worry about is where you stand if you have an accident. If you insure for a day, you have comprehensive cover, so you can focus on not dropping those fragile boxes!

Why choose one day car insurance?

Why pay for cover you don’t need? Getting an annual policy or changing your existing cover is a lot of unnecessary effort and money, especially when you only need cover for one day. That’s why short term car insurance is ideal for so many situations. You only need to pay for when you’ll actually be using the vehicle.

One day car insurance is flexible, quick and comprehensive. A temporary policy, even for a day will cover you and the vehicle you’re driving, as well as any no claims discounts.

Need longer cover?

Of course, there is only so much you can do in a day, so if you’re planning a weekend away with friends or you need to borrow a car for a week, you can get temporary car insurance for up to 28 days.

One day car insurance is the ideal option for many of life’s short adventures. Get a cheap 1 day car insurance quote and find out why it’s perfect for you!