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Tempcover additional extras

Our range of affordable extras could really help you out

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One of the most attractive features of Tempcover temporary insurance is the ability to change and customise your policy to best suit your situation with our range of affordable additional extras to your policy.

We’ve made our short-term policies flexible because we know that no two situations are the same.

From that extra piece of financial protection to being able to drive across the continent with comprehensive cover, we’ve got something that can help in most situations.

Here is a little guide on how, for just a few extra pounds, these additional extras could be a real lifesaver.

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive cover is the highest level of standard car insurance. If your insurance policy is comprehensive, your vehicle is covered if you have an accident that was ruled to have been your fault.

Unlike third-party insurance which only pays out for damage to the others involved, comprehensive insurance will pay for any damage to your vehicle.

With a temporary insurance policy, you get comprehensive cover as standard. This means that if you’re driving a friend or family member’s car you can relax knowing that if the worse should happen, everyone’s covered.

UK breakdown and misfuel cover

You never know what’s around the corner so knowing you have that extra level of can be a huge relief if something goes wrong.

With breakdown and misfuel cover, you get home start or roadside assistance throughout your policy. You’re also covered for any accidental misfuelling, so don’t panic if you make a mistake at the petrol station.

Take away some of the added pressure of driving a car you don’t own by having the security of 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere in the UK.

Excess cover

Almost all insurance policies will require that you pay an excess. If you have to claim on your policy, you agree to pay a certain amount of the claim yourself, usually reducing the cost of your overall premium.

While this is great if you don’t have to make a claim, if you do, paying the excess could cost you hundreds of pounds, which after an accident is the last thing you want to do.

With this extra, your excess is covered up to a maximum of £500. This means that if you do have to make a claim, you can recover your excess, which could save you a lot of money.

Excess protection is only active for the duration of your specified temporary policy.

Alloys, scratch, dent & tyre cover

Available on our standard private car and van schemes and all for as little as 40p (plus IPT)per day* you’re covered for:

  • Accidental damage to the vehicle’s Alloy Wheels
  • Minor bodywork damage, covering – small paint chips, scuffs, dents and scratches
  • Accidental or malicious damage to the vehicle’s tyres

As always, terms and conditions apply and can be seen on the policy summary.

*based on a 28-day policy duration

Gadget cover

Our lives are full gadgets and most of them are pretty expensive to replace. With gadget cover, hand-held devices like phones, SatNavs, and laptops are covered if they’re stolen or accidentally damaged while in the insured vehicle.

Many drivers may not consider insurance for their prized possessions when borrowing a car but with gadget insurance from Tempcover, you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen accidents.

The cover is provided up to a maximum of £500 and there is a small £25 excess to pay on any claims.

Personal accident cover

For just 40p a day you can get personal accident cover which will cover the cost of accidental injuries sustained to you or your spouse.

These can have happened while either in the vehicle or whilst getting in and out of the vehicle.

You may not think of it before you buy a policy but if something were to happen to you or a loved one then getting cover of up £20,000 could help you and your family out in a stressful and emotional situation.

European Cover

While all our temporary policies offer cover for the UK, a number of the panel of insurers we work with also offer cover to drive in the EU.

By purchasing this affordable extra, you’re able to drive across the EU, as well as in Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Andorra.

This handy little extra is perfect for driving holidays where you want to share the driving duty or if you’re borrowing a larger vehicle for your trip.

You must ensure that all vehicles with a temporary policy must be in the UK at the start and end of the policy. European cover offers drivers the minimum cover required by law within these countries.

It’s important to remember that this is a brief overview of all our available extras and you should always check your policy wording for more details.

Start a quick and easy quote now and get temporary insurance in minutes. PLEASE NOTE – Additional Extras excluding Comprehensive and European Cover are currently unavailable.

The cover you need for the duration you want

Full cover,
no impact

Get fully comprehensive cover on our standard short term policies - plus it won't affect your no claims discount

Hourly, daily, weekly

Choose the duration you want with 1-12 hour and 1-28 day cover available - don't pay for cover you don't need

All customised, nothing added

Customise your policy to suit your specific situation - get the policy you want and even choose the minute you want your policy to begin

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