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The solution to who does the driving during the Rugby World Cup

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Today sees the start of a six-week emotional roller-coaster that is the Rugby World Cup. An excuse for fans to pile into a local pub, ply themselves with beer before gloating or commiserating in the aftermath of a hazy few hours drinking.

The ritual invariably ends with an expensive taxi journey or, if you live in an urban area, an Uber trip to scoop up the dishevelled rabble before depositing them home to sleep off an early evening hangover.

But there is an alternative “Tempcover” approach that in many cases could cost you a lot less than a round-trip in a taxi. More importantly it avoids the temptation to risk driving under the influence.

Providing you can find a sober friend, you could insure them to drive your vehicle for as little as £8.99 for the hour. Enough time to ferry you and your drinking buddies to and from your preferred watering hole.

Perhaps importantly, there is no need to rescue a stranded vehicle left in a pub-carpark overnight, as might be the case if you drove to the pub and returned by taxi.

At the very least, the opportunity to save money on an Uber or taxi-journey, could be the perfect excuse for another round of drinks!

Here’s to a great tournament! And safe driving.