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The used cars that are increasing by as much as 50% in value!

Since the first lockdown in early 2020, driving habits have dramatically changed as motorists do significantly less mileage. Purchasing trends…

Since the first lockdown in early 2020, driving habits have dramatically changed as motorists do significantly less mileage. Purchasing trends have also shifted measurably, as dealers continue to embrace the digital proposition, where buyers have the opportunity to complete the entire purchase journey online. Another interesting recent trend amid the pandemic is the rise of a number of used vehicles that are actually appreciating in value.

According to a recent report by What Car?, this trend has become prominent as more people look to purchase a vehicle as opposed to relying on public transport in the wake of restrictions easing. It also suggests prices have been driven up by many consumers having more disposable income after a year of no holidays abroad or eating out. Finally, the supply of new cars is currently restricted due to a global shortage of microchips (a vital ingredient of all modern cars), further driving the demand for certain used models.

But before you jump for joy thinking you could potentially make a handsome profit on that old banger parked in the drive, it is important to bear in mind that this trend in appreciating value is only unique to specific makes and models of used cars. Here we’ve highlighted the top 5:

5: Mini Convertible (2018-present)

26% increase – £4,668 increase

4: Toyota GR Yaris (2020-present)

27% increase – £6,167 increase

3: BMW 2 Series Convertible petrol (2014-present)

28% increase – £5,153 increase

2: Mazda MX-5 (2015-present)

32% increase – £4,996 increase

1: Suzuki Jimny (2018-2020)

50% increase – £7,967 increase

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All images sourced from whatcar.com

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