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Weekly van insurance

Need to borrow a van? Don't pay for cover you don't need

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Need to borrow a van? Don’t pay for cover you don’t need

No matter how long you’re borrowing a vehicle for – even if it’s just for one journey – it’s the law that you must be properly insured to drive it. But the insurance policies your used to can only be taken out by the year, while adding someone to an existing policy can be a long, drawn-out and costly process. So, is there an alternative?

Can I insure a van for a week?

Yes, you can. 1 week van insurance is a great way to get fast and flexible insurance.

There are several reasons why you might need to borrow or use a van. You could be clearing a house, or your own van might be in for repairs. Whatever the situation, borrowing a van from a friend, colleague or family member is often the best way to do the jobs that your own vehicle just isn’t big enough for.

Sorting out insurance for this can be time-consuming, and if you only need van insurance for a week you might think it’s not worth the hassle, but using a vehicle that you are not already insured to drive is illegal and you could face an unlimited fine. The simplest way to avoid a fine and get the cover you actually want is to purchase 7 day van insurance.

Unlike an annual policy, it’s flexible and works around your schedule, so you only pay for when you actually need it. It’s separate to any existing policies you or the van owner has, so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your no claims discount.

Driving a vehicle that is unfamiliar and often larger than your own can be a daunting prospect, but with one week van insurance, you get comprehensive cover. So, if the worst should happen, you have peace of mind knowing that everyone is protected.

weekly van insurance

When is weekly van insurance the best option?

A one week van policy is the best solution for many different scenarios. But it’s not a problem if you think you need more or less cover than that, we can offer temporary cover for 1 day up to as many as 28 days – whatever suits you best.

When borrowing a van to clear out a house

Clearing out a house can be an exhausting job. It often comes about after stressful events, so the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance.

You might only need the van for a week, so why should you have to pay for a years’ worth of insurance? For most people, getting an annual policy or adjusting an existing one when you only need insurance for a week is excessive.

With 1 week van insurance you only pay for the cover you want. You can get a temporary insurance quote quickly and easily on your phone, and your policy starts the moment you want it to.

Rather than spending hours changing yours or the van owner’s policies, get a separate, comprehensive 1 week van policy in minutes.

When borrowing a van to use for work

Many tradesmen and self-employed workers depend on their vans to get around and earn a living. If it’s broken down and you can’t afford to fix it right away, then borrowing a van from a friend or family member is the best way to get back on the road.

If you’ll only need for a week or two, van insurance for a week is the perfect way to make sure you and the vehicle’s owner are protected and in line with the law.

It’s a separate policy which means that all no claims discounts are protected, so the person lending you the van doesn’t have to worry while you’re behind the wheel.

You don’t have to have an accident to see the benefits of a temporary van policy, there are a number of affordable extras that will cover you should something go wrong.

From roadside breakdown assistance to cover for any gadgets that are stolen or damaged accidentally whilst in your vehicle, you can relax knowing you’re covered whatever might happen.

Running a van for your business

If you own your own business, you might need access to a van occasionally. Whether you’re moving stock or taking furniture to a new office, a van can really come in handy.

You might not need one all the time, but when you do borrow one, it’s important to get the right insurance for your needs.

You’ll want to pick cover that’s flexible and offers great value for money. Short term business van cover is available for up to a month at a time, and you can even you pick when you want your policy to start, down to the minute.

You can get a quote almost instantly and then you’re covered the moment you choose. Whether you need cover to start in a month or 5 minutes time, the process is just as simple, straightforward and quick.

Weekly van insurance is the affordable insurance solution for those occasional times you need to borrow a van.

What happens if you don’t get insurance?

Some drivers might think that they can get away with driving without the right insurance, but it’s never worth the risk.

The Police have become extra vigilant in recent years, because of the increase in drivers on the road without insurance. If you’re caught you could face an unlimited fine and up to 8 penalty points.

Even if you’re just borrowing it for a day, there are no exceptions, so don’t take the risk.

It’s quick and easy to get a weekly van insurance policy and for the peace of mind of knowing you’re legal to be on the road, it’s worth it. It’s also incredibly important to make sure you check all the information you submit is accurate and honest.

To see how a flexible and short term insurance policy could work for you, get a quote with Tempcover today.