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If you only need weekly car insurance, why should you have to pay for year-round cover? Car insurance isn’t always as flexible as we need it to be but there is a solution. With a weekly car insurance policy, you only have cover for when you really need it.

Our lives are constantly changing so for many drivers the flexibility of a temporary car policy is the best way to get value for money and take the stress out of driving a friend or family member’s car. It’s the hassle-free answer to make sure you’re covered when behind the wheel.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned it in advance or need cover instantly; whatever you’re doing, getting an online quote is quick and easy.

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When should I choose weekly car insurance?

Borrowing a car for a week

In most situations, driving a friend’s car is the easiest way to stay on the road. Whether you need to borrow a car in an emergency or are planning a week away, you need to make sure that you’re insured to drive it.

You may think that to get cover you need to change your existing annual policy. This can be a lengthy and often expensive process, especially if you only want weekly car insurance.

With temporary car insurance, you get comprehensive cover without the hassle. It’s a separate policy that doesn’t affect your existing insurance and even protects any no claims discounts you or the car owner has. Take away the added pressure of driving a friend’s car by getting weekly car insurance that works around you, and covers everyone if the worst should happen.

Driving holiday

If you’re planning a road trip holiday, or just need to share driving duties to get you there, you can get instant cover for when you go away. It’s usually recommended that you share driving, especially if you’re travelling long distances, so you may need to get insured to drive a car that’s not your own.

The good news is that a weekly car insurance policy will cover you at home and right across the EU.

If you’re driving in Europe, many annual policies will only offer basic third party cover, so you’ll end up having to pay more for the same comprehensive cover you get while driving at home. But with a short term car insurance policy, you can get the cover you’re used to without having to make changes to your annual one.

Buying a new car before your annual policy ends

A new car is one thing all drivers look forward to. But in many cases, it can have a big impact on your annual insurance. Changing the car you want to be insured on with an active insurance policy is called a mid-term adjustment (MTA). An MTA can cause a change in the premiums you pay – an increase in most cases.

If you’re approaching the end of your annual policy when you pick up your new car, it’s often easier and cheaper to get weekly car insurance cover while you sort out a new and more preferable annual policy, rather than sticking with what you’ve got.

Weekly car insurance - couple buying new car

Choosing the right annual insurance is an important decision and it can take a long time to compare quotes and cover. Having a short term option, even if it’s just weekly car insurance, means you won’t have to wait until a new policy is in place before you start enjoying your new car.

What’s more, if you fancy test driving a few vehicles before deciding on which one to take home with you, weekly car insurance could help there too. You will need to be covered to take any car out for a spin, but a short term policy can act as your very own test drive insurance.

Lending your car to your kids

Many parents can be hesitant about letting their children drive their car because of the obvious risks involved. It’s this risk that means that adding a young driver to an annual policy is extremely expensive, particularly if you only want weekly car insurance cover.

If your student kids are back from university and need to get around town, or are planning a trip with their friends, the best and often cheapest way to protect them and your car is with weekly car insurance.

It’s the flexible solution for ensuring your kids are properly insured when they take your car out. You only have to pay for cover for the time you actually need it. A temporary car insurance policy will not only protect your car if it’s damaged but also the no claims discount you’ve spent years building. For all-round protection and peace of mind, it’s an excellent option.

Why get weekly car insurance?

A weekly car insurance policy gives you the freedom to drive other cars without worry. You can get a quote in minutes, and your cover starts from the second you want it to. You can get a policy that starts the same day or up to a month in advance. There is no waiting around for insurance documents to arrive, as they’re emailed to you the moment you purchase a policy.

Need longer cover?

Insuring your car for a week is long enough for many circumstances, but if you are taking a longer holiday or your kids want to use the car on a more regular basis, you can get temporary car insurance for up to one month.

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How much does car insurance cost weekly?

As with any car insurance policy, how much you pay for your weekly car insurance will depend on a number of factors, including your driving history, your age, the model of the car you want to drive and where you live. But most people can expect a temporary car insurance arrangement to cost them around £20 a day.

Can you pay your car insurance weekly?

Yes. Many insurers offer temporary car insurance arrangements that allow you to pay by the week. Most provide short term car insurance up to 28 days, meaning you can pay for up to four weeks at a time.