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Driving convictions can have a huge impact on your insurance

If you are caught breaking the law on the road you could face a driving conviction. Being a convicted driver can have a huge impact on your life regardless of the offence.

Convictions can range from speeding to driving without insurance to driving while under the influence. Less serious driving offences will result in penalty points, which can stay on your licence for 4 or 11 years, depending on the offence. More serious crimes can result in driving bans, disqualifications and large fines.

convicted drivers

If you have been convicted of a driving offence it can have a huge impact on your life. It can affect your personal life and your job and something as simple as purchasing insurance can be a real headache for convicted drivers.

There are many different types of driving offences, each with its own special code. It’s important you know which code your offence has as this can affect how you pay for insurance.

Driving codes are separated into the following sections:

  • AC10 – AC30: Accident offences, including failing to stop or report an accident
  • BA10 – BA60: Driving while disqualified or more serious offences while disqualified
  • CD10 – CD90: Carless driving, ranging from driving without due care to death by careless driving
  • CU10 – CU50: Using a vehicle with defective parts e.g. tyres, brakes
  • CU80: Losing control of a vehicle because of avoidable factors such as using a mobile phone
  • DD10 – DD90: Causing serious injury/manslaughter/death by dangerous driving
  • DR10 – DR70: Driving with alcohol level above limit or refusing to provide a specimen
  • DG10 – DG60/DR90: Driving with drug levels above limit/drug-related offences
  • IN10: Driving without insurance
  • LC20 – LC50: Driving in any way other than in accordance with a licence
  • MS10 – MS90: Miscellaneous offences including motor racing on a highway
  • MW10: Motorway offence excluding exceeding speed limits
  • PC10 – PC30: Breaking pedestrian crossing regulations
  • SP10 – SP50: Exceeding speed limits for the type of vehicle and type of road
  • TS10 – TS70: Failing to comply with traffic signals and signs
  • TT99: Disqualification after ‘totting-up’ penalty points – More than 12 points in 3 years
  • UT50: Aggravated taking of a vehicle
  • MR: Mutual Recognition of disqualification while driving in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man

Why do convictions affect the cost of my insurance?

The cost of your car insurance depends on a number of factors, known in the insurance industry as risk factors.

These factors include your age, your address and any previous motoring convictions you have. These risk factors give insurers an idea of how much of a risk you will be on the road.

Naturally, if you have been convicted of a driving offence you are more likely to be seen as a risk which will inevitably increase your insurance premiums.

The increase will depend on the level of the offence you are convicted of, with smaller offences like speeding having less of an impact than say a drink driving offence.

It is up to the insurer to choose their requirements for offering insurance. Some may not insure drivers with penalty points in the last 3 years; others may not insure convicted drivers at all.

In recent years, however, drivers with convictions have found it easier to find insurance because of the rise of specialist insurers.

No matter who you purchasing insurance from, you must declare if you have any existing driving convictions when applying for car insurance otherwise your insurer may not pay out if you make a claim or they might even consider it fraud which could see you subject to police action.

Can I get temporary insurance as a convicted driver?

Temporary insurance is perfect for a wide range of drivers. From learners to ex-pats, short term cover is the flexible option for many everyday jobs.

Unlike some insurance providers, drivers with some motoring convictions can get temporary insurance with Tempcover.

We can cover those with penalty points and those who have had a previous disqualification or conviction; however, time limits and certain restrictions do apply.

If you’ve had no more than 6 penalty points in the last 2 years and not been disqualified in the last 5 years, you can expect to get a quote. Other risk factors, however, may stop you from getting a quote from our insurers.

It’s important to remember that because we work with a large panel of insurers, the minimum requirements differ depending on the insurer, but we are confident we can offer insurance to a large number of drivers.

Do I need to declare my motoring and criminal convictions?

Motoring convictions which result in an endorsement will still be applicable for up to 5 years after conviction. Although they may no longer appear on your licence, they will still apply and therefore will be taken into consideration when you apply for temporary insurance.

It’s important to read the declaration carefully before purchasing your policy as this will outline which driving and criminal convictions the selected insurer is willing to accept.

If you purchase a policy despite not meeting the requirements of the insurer your policy will be considered void and you will not be insured and will not receive any pay-out if you make a claim.

For more help and information on criminal and driving convictions and whether or not any convictions you may have are still relevant, check out the ‘Unlock’ website.

Any drivers with criminal convictions may also want to use the disclosure calculator.

It will give you more information on when criminal convictions become ‘spent’ under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. This will give a clear indication as to whether you have to declare your conviction.

Find out more information on temporary insurance and see how it could help you save time and money. compares prices from a range of insurers to get you the best deal possible

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