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How can we help you with van insurance today?

Last Updated: 27/01/2017

If you’re moving house or just transporting a heavy load, you may need to borrow a van to do the job properly. Most of us don’t have regular access to a van so borrowing or hiring one is the only option.

If you’re driving a van that’s not your own, you need to make sure you’re properly insured. You’ll often find that most of the jobs you need to borrow a van for only take a few days or weeks so having to fork out for annual insurance can be a big waste of money.

With temporary van insurance, instead of paying for cover you don’t need, you only pay for when you’re actually going to drive the vehicle. It’s the flexible insurance alternative that fits around your schedule. Cover is available from 1 to 28 days, so whatever the job, it’s the best choice for you temporary driving needs.

The policy is separate from any other motor insurance you may have so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your no claims discount in the future.

Short term van insurance offers comprehensive cover and because the policy is separate from any other insurance you have; you don’t have to worry about it affecting your no claims discount.

Getting comprehensive cover that actually suits your needs makes getting behind the wheel of a van, no matter how rarely, that little bit less stressful.

When would I need short-term van insurance?

Moving house

There are many reasons why you may need to borrow a van temporarily. For most people moving or clearing a house requires the use of a large vehicle. Whether it takes you a day or a week to move house, you can get cover for the amount of time you actually need, down to the minute.

We don't move house that often, so temporary van insurance is the perfect way of ensuring that you're protected during what is an already stressful experience.

Delivering or transporting large items

It’s not just moving house that requires people to borrow a van. We often find ourselves picking up or delivering large items like sofas or white goods, a job most everyday cars can't do. Borrowing a van from a friend or family member can be a real life saver but there is an added pressure to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Short term van insurance with its comprehensive cover, gives you the reassurance that if you have an accident everyone is protected. The van owner can relax knowing their no claims discount is protected and you can focus on picking up or dropping off your items without having to worry.

Small business owners

Many small businesses rely on using vans occasionally. From transporting stock to moving office furniture, a van can be a big part of the operation.

A lot of small businesses work on tight margins, so getting an annual policy can be a needless expense, especially if you use the vehicle infrequently. If you find that your business is only using vans for a few days or weeks a year then the best option is to choose temporary van insurance.

Why choose temporary van insurance?

Getting yearly cover to borrow a van can be an expensive and difficult process. Whether you’re adapting an existing policy or purchasing a new one, annual insurance rarely offers good value for money if you only need cover temporarily.

Short term cover is often the cheapest way to get comprehensive insurance on a temporary basis. Getting a quote is quick and straightforward and can be done in a couple of minutes.

Your quote is completely customisable from start to finish. You can select affordable extras like roadside breakdown assistance or gadget insurance for items broken or stolen while in the vehicle, and whether you need cover in a months’ time or 5 minutes time, you can choose when you want the cover to start, down to the minute.

Whatever your situation, It’s the perfect way to get peace of mind while borrowing a van on a short term basis.

Who we cover

Getting cover is at the insurer’s discretion and can depend on a number of factors. This includes your age and how long you’ve held a licence, but we are confident we can offer cover to a large number of drivers. We’re sure we can provide you with a quote if you meet the following criteria:

o Aged between 17 and 78 years old.

o The holder of a UK driving licence, EU driving licence and a UK provisional driving licence.

o A driver with penalty points - time limits and certain restrictions do apply.

o Looking to insure a vehicle valued at a minimum of £1000. The maximum claim for a vehicle is capped at between £40,000 and £65,000 depending on the insurer chosen.

o Wanting to add an additional driver to the policy.

o We can cover vans up to 7.5 tonnes

There are some occasions when we are unable to offer cover. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you van insurance in the following circumstances:

o Vans used for exportation. Any vehicle that leaves the UK must return within the period of cover and this would only cover them in the EU.

o To be used as evidence of insurance to recover an impounded vehicle (except in our specific impounded scheme).

o Vans exceeding 7.5 tonnes.

o No modifications allowed (except ones to aid ability etc.).

o Left hand drive vehicles.

o More than 8 seats in total.