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Temporary business van insurance

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Temporary business van insurance

Temporary cover could save your business time and money

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Temporary cover could save your business time and money

Vans have become synonymous with business and whether you’re a business owner, a trades-person or just use a van for getting about, you’ll need to know just how important it is to have the right commercial vans insurance for your business needs.

Why is commercial van insurance so important?

You never know when something could go wrong. No matter what precautions we take, things like theft or an unexpected breakdown can strike at any time. And it’s important to be prepared in case they do.

If anything happens to your van then you could be left unable to get to work, and might even end up losing money for yourself or your business. Thankfully, your policy should help you recoup most of your losses, and get you back on the road in no time.

If your van is in for repairs for a short while, then borrowing a van from a friend or co-worker could get you back on the road quickly and easily. But once you’ve arranged that, you need to think about your insurance. You’ll need additional cover so you can legally drive a different commercial van.


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Why short term commercial van insurance is the best way forward

It’s required by law that you’re insured when out and about on the road, so there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll need extra cover. The owner of the van you’re borrowing could add you to their annual policy, but by the time that’s sorted out, you might as well not have bothered and may already have your own van back.

The easiest and often cheapest way to do this with a short term commercial van insurance policy. Temporary business van insurance gives you cover to drive another vehicle for the duration you want, up to 28 days.

Short term cover is not only ideal for when your van is off the road either. Temporary commercial van insurance could be the ideal solution for many everyday problems, and yet many business owners and employees don’t even know that it exists.

It’s perfect for those occasions when you need quick, flexible cover to keep you on the road.

When could temporary commercial van insurance help my business?

In the day-to-day running of a small business

The costs involved in running a small business mean that many can’t afford to pay for expensive insurance for a vehicle they may not need to use all year round.

While the high cost of annual insurance for a van you may only need for a few days or weeks can be off-putting, there is an alternative.

A short term commercial van policy could save your business hundreds of pounds, because you only pay for the cover you actually need. This means you get the best value for money, allowing you to invest in the parts of your business that really need it.

With options like van insurance for a week, you can get quick and easy cover that you won’t need to keep paying for once the job’s done. Yet you can still customise your cover to suit your budget and requirements.

Comprehensive cover comes as standard with temporary business van insurance, so you can relax and know that even if the worst should happen, you’ll be covered.

To provide instant cover for new employees

If your business involves your employees using a van, then you’ll need to set up an annual insurance policy for them.

This can be quite a time-consuming process. So if you want to avoid any delays in getting your employee moving while you search for the best deal possible, a temporary commercial van insurance policy can bridge that gap.

There’s no waiting around with short term commercial van insurance. Once you’ve chosen the best quote for your circumstances, you can select when you want the policy to begin, down to the minute.

Cover can begin in as little as five minutes time, and because your policy documents are you emailed to you instantly, your employee can get moving straight away.

Temporary commercial van insurance also protects the van’s owner, as it’s a separate arrangement so won’t affect any no claims discount they may have. And with comprehensive cover as standard, there’s full peace of mind when you take out a policy with us.

Why choose Tempcover?

Getting a short term commercial van insurance quote from Tempcover is simple and straightforward, and takes just a couple of minutes.

After entering a few basic details about you and the vehicle, you’re able to compare a range of quotes from our trusted panel of insurers.

Unlike other comparison sites, Tempcover finds the best quotes available from across the market, not just a small number of related companies.

Once you’ve been presented with your quote, you can tailor your policy to suit your business’s needs.

What temporary commercial van insurance options are there?

Short term policies are available hourly or 1 day up to 28 days. Tempcover provides a range of temporary policies that are flexible and cost-effective.

What is covered with a temporary commercial van insurance policy?

All short term van insurance policies come with comprehensive cover as standard. This means that any damage to your vehicle – whether it’s your fault or not – will be covered.

Who can get temporary commercial van insurance?

All the policies offered by our panel of insurers are flexible by their very nature, and we’re confident we can provide short term insurance policies for most businesses. We can offer insurance to many drivers, including those with penalty points and previous disqualifications. However, there are some situations where the nature of the work you do might mean we’re not able to offer you something.

You will be unable to get a quote if your van weighs more than 7.5 tonnes, for example. Other potential issues include:

What is hire and reward insurance for a van

Hire and reward insurance is a specialised type of policy that covers you for carrying other people’s goods in exchange for money. It’s usually used for commercial purposes by couriers, haulers, furniture removals and taxi drivers. In many lines of work it’s a legal requirement, and drivers aren’t sufficiently covered while working without it.

Can i get temporary hire and reward insurance for a van?

Unfortunately not. As hire and reward is a much more extensive form of policy, the insurers we work with aren’t able to offer it on a temporary basis.

Can i get temporary van hire for transporting hazardous materials?

You may have to search around to find an insurer who will offer temporary cover when you transport hazardous materials as part of your work. While many may not be able to offer insurance to you, there are a few out there that will.

Get a quote now to find out how much you could save by opting for short term commercial van insurance.

The cover you need for the duration you want

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Get fully comprehensive cover on our standard short term policies - plus it won't affect your no claims discount

Hourly, daily, weekly

Choose the duration you want with 1-12 hour and 1-28 day cover available - don't pay for cover you don't need

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Customise your policy to suit your specific situation - get the policy you want and even choose the minute you want your policy to begin

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