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Insuring temporary workers to drive the company van

Recent years have seen a boom in van sales, fuelled by an increase in self-employed workers and a surge in…

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Recent years have seen a boom in van sales, fuelled by an increase in self-employed workers and a surge in internet shopping. Whether it’s ordering a meal or buying a new fridge, billions have been spent on vans and delivery vehicles.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) 3.4 million people – equivalent to one in ten of the workforce – use or depend on a van for their living. Since 2000 the number of vans on our roads has ballooned by a whopping 59%. Double the rate for cars.

The SMMT’s Chief executive Mike Hawes describes the UK’s van fleet as “the backbone of our society, driving our economy and allowing millions of workers to carry out jobs that our country relies on.”

September bucks trend

However, while growth has been remarkable, last month saw a notable 23.5% dip in light commercial vehicle sales. The drop is, according to the SMMT, a sign that regulatory changes on emissions and political uncertainties around Brexit have impacted the market. 

Source: SMMT October 2019

While September’s figures have tempered the year to date increase to just 4.5%, more than 286,000 new vans hit the road this year.

Temporary van insurance

The growth in businesses and individuals dependent on vans for transportation has also unleashed specialist insurance services designed to cater for businesses with casual and flexible workforces.

Central to this is temporary van insurance.

Tempcover’s van insurance provides a quick and easy way to cover someone to drive a company vehicle. If a business needs an employee to drive for an hour or several days, it takes a couple of minutes to cover them. Importantly, if any claims are made, they won’t impact the main drivers’ no claims bonus or annual policy.

Designed around ease and convenience, with minimal online form-filling, the process is a lot simpler than amending an annual policy. It also delivers significant value for money – an hours coverage can be as little as £10 or less.

Given a van is often a lifeline to the day to day function of a small business, temporary van insurance is a cost effective and quick way to buy peace of mind.

See Tempcover’s van insurance section for further details.

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