How to fall back in love with your car this Valentine’s Day

In the past year, with the country under some form of travel restriction, many of us have faced a long-term separation from our cars. With the daily commute dumped and long road trips a big no-no, our four-wheeled friends have spent more time gathering dust than enjoying the open road.

Although you may not have been spending as much together recently as you once did, they’ve always been there for you during these difficult times.

Helping key workers continue to do their vital jobs, keeping your local community going, or just helping you take too much toilet roll home from the shops – it’s time to reciprocate that commitment.

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, and the end of national restrictions slowly coming into view, what better time to reignite that flame and bring back the good times.

Here are just 4 ways to fall back in love with your cars.

#1 Make it shine

It’s easy to forget about cleaning your car, especially if you’re working from home and not driving as much. We all want to turn heads in our cars, but for the right reasons. A shiny, clean car that’s been shown some love and care will do just that.

Beyond helping you fall back in love with it, giving your car a thorough clean will also help maintain its value (if you do ever have to look elsewhere), reduce wear and tear, and even provide better fuel economy which will save you money in the long run.

While valet services may be closed, automatic car washes and jet-wash facilities are open. Of course, you can always get out your own bucket and sponge to show it that you truly care.

#2 Treat it to a Valentine’s Day present

What better opportunity to treat your car than Valentine’s Day? It could be a small gesture like a new air freshener or clean fresh mats, or larger show of affection like a full set of new tyres.

Giving your car a gift this Valentine’s Day will get you excited to get back behind the wheel again. Just don’t be upset if you don’t get something in return.

#3 Properly fix those dings and dents!

If left alone, bumps and dents can get worse. Beyond the cosmetic look of your car, it can cause long-lasting issues to your beloved motor.

Any long term issues can put you off wanting to drive and also mean your car is costing you money.

It’s important to get things fixed as soon as possible but if you’ve been putting off any fixes, why not use lockdown as an excuse to treat your car to a touch-up and get it back to its best.

Most repairs can be completed quickly either yourself (check this handy how-to guide) or at your local garage (although at the moment, garages should only carry out essential work under lockdown restrictions). These simple fixes are a long-term investment in your relationship and will hopefully mean a few more miles on the road together.

#4 Take it somewhere new

We all know that a romantic trip can help reignite an old flame, so why not try it with your car. If it’s been stuck doing the same old commute or just stuck outside your house for the past year, treat your car to something new.

Once the lockdown ends and we can travel freely across the country, why not visit the rough and ready roads of the North Yorkshire Moors or the smooth, slick tarmac of Northumberland National Park.

There are hundreds of scenic routes across the country for you to enjoy, so why not ditch the motorway one weekend and visit some of the best roads the country has to offer.

Check out this list of the best driving roads put together by Top Gear Magazine.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and if you are planning on travelling this weekend, treat your car to fully comprehensive cover and your wallet to more affordable insurance with temporary car insurance.

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