New car owners most at risk of accidents

As some 340 thousand people received the keys to a brand new 69-plate car in September, Accident Exchange delivered a sobering warning. Statistically, 11% of non-fault accidents happen to drivers in the first 90-days of vehicle ownership.

Furthermore, 39% happen within the first 12-months.

Accident Exchange (AX) analysed more than 68,000 non-fault incidents, comparing regional population densities with the ratio of accidents.

Their in-depth findings suggest that Walsall in the West Midlands is statistically the unluckiest place in the country for accidents. Preston and Stockport followed next, with Manchester in tenth place and Birmingham twelfth.

London recorded the highest volume of such incidents on account of its sheer size but, in proportional terms, its accident rate fell outside the top twenty.

So, if you’re one of those lucky people who have just purchased a shiny new motor, please take care. Let the novelty of car ownership wear off slowly, rather than a precipitous bump. Both in literal and emotive terms!

Non-fault accidents – a definition

A non-fault accident is when your insurer is able to recover the cost of a claim from another person or third party (known as the liable party).

An ‘at-fault’ claim is when you, as the driver, are responsible for the incident and are therefore liable for any damages.

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