The Best Hidden Easter Eggs in Cars

We know it only feels like a week since Christmas and New Year, but we’ve arrived at Easter already!

Tomorrow marks the start of Easter, a time when we come together to appreciate new beginnings, and of course make ourselves sick by eating too many chocolate Easter eggs.

But we think you’ll probably be sick of the sight of actual Easter eggs over the next few days, so we’re looking at a different type of Easter egg. Those little nods, winks, and secret messages found in films, video games, and even our day to day lives. From funny jokes to cultural references, these hidden treats are sometimes just for fun but often provide a practical purpose.

This Easter, we’ve been on the hunt for the greatest Easter eggs around in cars. Here are our favourites.

#1 Mini Cooper – Hidden Heating Logo

Mini has always been keen to celebrate its heritage. With British flags everywhere, you may have missed this cool little Easter egg. If you’ve ever gone to change the temperature in your Mini Cooper, you may recognise the dials for the famous Mini logo

#2 Renault Twingo RS – Pause, Stop, Play

The Renault Twingo is designed to be a fun little run-around, and the designers ran with this theme down to the smallest details. The RS model features a lovely little designer feature with practical uses – the clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals each feature a pause, stop, and play logo.

It’s a nice little touch, but in a moment of blankness, can be a helpful reminder to drivers.

#3 Tesla – Turn it up to 11

We all know that to truly feel the power of music, you have to turn the volume all the way up to 11.

That’s why, in homage to the cult classic mockumentary ‘This Is Spinal Tap’, Elon Musk and the Tesla designers set their built-in sound system to go all the way up to 11.

#4 Jeep Gladiator – Homage to home

Many of us don’t worry too much about where a car is built, but to the manufacturers and designers, the place where a car is born is an important part of that car’s history.

Makers of the Jeep Gladiator have chosen to honour Toledo, Ohio – the place where several Jeep models are made with this Easter egg in the bed of the truck.

The makers are clearly showing their love for 419, the area code of Toledo.

#5 Chevrolet Corvette – Real American

Aiming to be the quintessential American car, early 90s Corvettes featured little stamps which included the brand among some true American icons.

These Corvettes put their logo next to a little baseball bat, hot dog, and apple pie. These icons were stamped into the area behind the passenger seat, right above the speaker-mounting cut-outs.

The move was not only a statement on their place in American culture but also a nice nod to their 1975 TV advert.

#6 BMW Z4 – Hidden Zs

It may be passing you at some speed, but if you ever get to see a BMW Z4 up close, see if you can sport the hidden Z. The car’s designers used the side profile to show off the Z and give it its stylish finish.

Can you see it?

#7 Fiat Panda – Panda Word search

If you’re ever bored on a car journey in a Fiat Panda, don’t worry you can easily pass the time using nothing but the car door. Helpfully, Fiat designers have included a simple word search on the inside of the door. There is a little catch though – the only letters in the word search are P, A, N, D, and frustratingly none of them line up to make PANDA.

Here are a few to get you started – Pan, Nap, And.

So, if you’ve had enough of hunting eggs, why not just give your car the once over and see what Easter eggs you can find?


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