How to make the most of your return to commuting

After months of lockdown and working from home, the return to offices and other places of work is just around the corner. After over a year at home full of ‘you’re on mute’ moments, and interruptions from partners, kids, and pets, many of us are glad to be getting outside our usual four walls, at least for a few days a week.

There is, however, one part of returning to the office that almost no one enjoys – the dreaded commute. From traffic jams to delayed trains, it’s often the worst part of our day. But to help you prepare for your first commutes, we’ve put together a list of 4 easy ways you can make the most of commuting, so you actually look forward to going back to work.

Stretch it out

Driving to work shouldn’t mean missing out on some morning exercise. While you may have swapped a morning walk at home for a car journey, you don’t have to completely stop moving in the morning.

There are a number of simple exercises you can do in your car when you arrive at work. You can give your neck, arms, legs, and back a good workout before you start your day.

Check out this mini in-car workout that has everything you need for a good stretch and avoid the stiffness that comes with commuting.

Choose your tunes carefully

Researchers from Canada found that listening to music on your commute not only boosts dopamine (the pleasure and positivity hormone) but also reduces the rate of effort you feel you’re giving.

For your morning commute, try to listen to upbeat music of around 110-130 BPM. You should also try bass-heavy music as this can improve your sense of power, giving you a confidence boost before you start the day.

Play catch up

For those of us that travel by train or bus, the morning commute is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your shows, check out new music or even get a little bit of work done. If you’re driving, why not check out new podcasts, and audiobook, or even give your friends or family a quick call for a catch-up?

Mix up your routes

With less traffic on the road (at least for now), it’s the perfect time to mix up your routes and try new and different ways to get to work. It could save you time in the long run and even if you try the more scenic route, you’ll experience something different each day, making the journey less repetitive.

These simple changes can improve your commute and hopefully make one of the worst parts of returning to the office, a high point of the day.

Remember, as you return to the office, even occasionally, make sure you have the right insurance for your situation.

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