Staying safe on the road as schools go back

As we end a summer that seems to have flashed by in an instant, children across the UK are returning to classrooms.

While the return of schools will come as a relief to parents and carers, back to school can be a hectic time for drivers.

Even with some people still working from home, the increase in commuter traffic as schools return means there is a higher chance of accidents happening on the roads.

To help parents and other road users get where they’re going as quickly and hassle-free as possible, here are some handy tips for a smooth drive at school time.

#1 Slow down and stay safe

Driving on roads surrounding a school can be frustrating, but it’s important to watch your speed around children.

As you can imagine, they are incredibly unpredictable and don’t always look twice. The last thing any driver wants is to have a serious accident.

There’s a reason why the speed limit by schools is reduced to 20 mph, and even if you’re running late, take it slow as risking an accident won’t be worth it.

#2 Parking properly

The dream is to get as close to the school gates as possible on the school run, but parking too close can cause havoc and cost you money. If you park or stop on the zig-zag lines outside, you could face a fine, penalty points and potentially cause an accident.

Park further away, in a safe place and drop your kids off, the older ones probably won’t want to be seen with parents anyway.

If you live near a school, make it obvious that parents shouldn’t be parking there with a no-parking sign or if it continues, speak to the school directly.

#3 Finding alternatives

For safety and environmental reasons, schools are encouraging parents to swap the car for ‘park and stride’ schemes.

You could remove some of the stress of the morning commute by seeking an alternative way of getting your kids to school. Check out your school’s website for more information on their schemes.

This would also reduce the level of traffic for other road users as more people return to work in the coming months.

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