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Daily van insurance is perfect for all your short-term van driving needs

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If you’re borrowing a van for a day to move house or pick up some large items, no matter how long you need it for, even if it’s just 24 hours you still need insurance.

Using a van usually comes at expensive times in our lives so the last thing you want to do is pay for van insurance you don’t actually need.

Thankfully it’s now possible to get insurance that’s flexible so you only pay for the days you actually want. 24 hour van insurance is a great way to save money and still get comprehensive cover.

It’s never been easier to take out an insurance policy as you can get a quote online in minutes. You’ll only need to answer a few basic questions about yourself and the vehicle to get a range of quotes from our trusted panel of insurers. Your policy begins when you want it to and you’re covered for the next 24 hours.

What do I get with short term van insurance?

A temporary policy gives you a range of benefits depending on your needs. First and foremost, it gives you the right to drive the vehicle you’ve selected on your policy for the duration you’ve chosen.

This means you’ll avoid being pulled over by the police for not having the correct insurance and if you have an accident you and the vehicle owner are covered.

It gives you comprehensive cover as standard, much higher than the legal minimum. It covers injury and damage to third parties and their property if an accident occurs that’s your fault and it insures against fire, theft and accidental damage to the insured vehicle.

A short-term policy can also be adjusted to suit your needs. Not only can you select the time you want your policy to start but you can also add more protection to your policy with a number of affordable extras.

For just a couple of pounds, you can add roadside breakdown cover, gadget protection for your phone and other hand-held electronics and personal accident cover for up £20,000.

You get a breakdown of everything you have to pay before you purchase so there are no nasty surprises and as you only pay for the duration and extras you want, you get the insurance package to fit your situation.

Why choose temporary insurance instead of annual cover?

While annual insurance may work out cheaper per day, as a lump sum you’ll end up paying far more for cover you just don’t need. Even if you’re not buying a new annual policy and just want to be added to an existing policy, it can be expensive and time-consuming.

Any changes made during a policy are known as mid-term adjustments (MTA). You will not only be charged an admin fee (usually not much less than 24 hour van insurance) but the vehicle owner could see their premiums increase while you’re named on their policy.

The easiest way to get cover to drive someone else’s vehicle is with a separate, short-term policy. Not only does buying insurance for a day usually offer better value but it gives you peace of mind while driving a friend or family members vehicle.

As it’s a standalone policy, if you have an accident then the van owner isn’t liable. Their No Claims Discount is protected and any damage that occurs is covered by the short-term policy.

What happens if I need cover for more than a day?

While 24 hours is usually enough for moving house or delivering furniture if you do need the van for an extra day or two you don’t want to be uninsured. You can purchase a temporary policy for up to 28 days at a time.

From 1 to 28 days cover there’s no better way to get flexible, comprehensive insurance that suits your specific needs. Get a van insurance quote now to see how it could save you time and money.

Start a quick and easy quote now and get temporary insurance in minutes.

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