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How could one day learner driver insurance help me?

While getting enough practice to pass your driving test will usually take you many hours, there are many occasions when learners may need a one-off, one day learner driver insurance policy.

Whether it’s because you want to take every opportunity possible to get some experience, or you need to use a different vehicle when practicing to drive and don’t want to adjust an existing policy, every learner’s situation is different.

To ensure you’re getting the right cover for your circumstances, without paying for cover you don’t need, you can get a quote for learner driver insurance for a day online and in minutes.

Whatever your needs, we’re confident we can offer quick and easy 1 day learner insurance to almost anyone. Here are just a few, common circumstances where 1 day learner driver insurance could really come in handy.

In the run up to your driving test

With the big day approaching, you’ll want to get as much practice in as possible. While driving with a qualified instructor is preferable, they can be costly and might not be able to fit you in at a time that suits you.

With learner driver insurance for a day, you can be insured behind the wheel at a time that suits you. Whether it’s a friend or a family member’s car, 24 hour learner insurance gives you comprehensive cover that lets you get that vital last-minute practice, without the owner having to worry about how it might affect their annual policy if something were to happen.

Both of you get complete peace of mind because if the worst should happen, you and the vehicle you’re driving are covered. While they can relax too because it’s a separate policy, which means that even if you have to make a claim then their No Claims Discount won’t be affected.

Give yourself the best possible chance at passing your test by being getting some extra last-minute practice in, thanks to 1 day learner insurance.

When you’re test driving a new car

You might be lucky enough to be able to buy a new car while you’re still learning to drive. While you may not be able to take it out on the road by yourself just yet, you’ll still want to test it out to make sure it’s right for you.

But whenever you’re testing out a new set of wheels, you need to make sure you’re properly insured to do so. You could ask the vehicle owner to temporarily add you to their policy as a named driver, but this could end up being very expensive for them, especially as you’re a learner.

They’re unlikely to want to do this, so the easiest and often cheapest way is to get 1 day learner driver insurance, which will allow you to legally test drive your potential new purchase. It covers you for the test drive at least, and if you decide to purchase the vehicle, it’ll buy you some time to get an annual policy in place.

Why choose Tempcover for your 1 day learner driver insurance?

Tempcover is the UK’s largest provider of short term insurance and is dedicated to giving learner drivers the flexible cover they need, to practice whenever they want to.

Getting 24 hour cover has never been easier, even for learners, with quotes available anytime online. We work with a panel of trusted insurers to ensure you get the best deal possible. Once you’ve compared your quotes, you can tailor the policy to best suit your situation, from choosing the start time and date – down to the minute – to adding a range of affordable extras including roadside breakdown assistance.

Once you’ve got your policy that offers comprehensive cover as standard, you’ll get your policy documents emailed to you instantly. When you’ve received your documents you’re legally insured to be on the road – there’s no waiting around.

For cover that works around your schedule and that gives complete peace of mind for you and the vehicle owner, learner insurance for a day is often the best solution. Whatever you need 1 day learner insurance for, we’re confident we can offer you cover.

Getting the right cover for you

While learner insurance for a day can be ideal for many learners, you might find that a longer period of cover is better for your situation. Thankfully, there are other lengths of short term learner driver insurance, up to a maximum of 3 months.

Whatever your situation, you can find a duration that fits your schedule. Remember that once you’ve purchased a policy you will be unable to amend the duration, so ensure that you pick the right length before you purchase. You can, however, purchase another policy once the original has expired.

Whether it’s for one last practice before your test or making the most of the summer holidays to practice, learner driver insurance for a day offers excellent value and comprehensive insurance.

Start a quick and easy 1 day learner driver insurance quote now and get the cover you need in just minutes.