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Personal business car insurance

Temporary cover for personal business use

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What is personal business car insurance?

For any driver using their personal car for business beyond simply commuting to and from your place of work, you’ll probably need personal business car insurance.

Essentially, this type of business car insurance is for drivers who clock up a lot of miles or frequently attend different locations for work.

Given the increased driving, many insurance providers will offer a separate policy for business use and unfortunately, these policies often come with higher premiums. Insurers will look at the increased mileage and new, unfamiliar locations and naturally assume that an accident is more likely.

If you’re purchasing an annual insurance policy, you will need to be sure you’re buying the right type of policy.

If you’re using your personal car for business for more than just commuting and select a policy that only covers the social, domestic, and pleasure, you could find your policy is no longer valid and any claims you make would not be processed.

If you’re looking for short term cover that will insure you to use your vehicle for business use, things are a lot simpler.

personal business car insurance

Temporary car insurance for personal business use

If you’re looking to borrow a car for work or you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle which you’ll use for business as well as pleasure, temporary car insurance could be the ideal way to save time and money.

With temporary car insurance, personal business use is included in all our policies. There’s no need to purchase a separate policy or even give further details on how many miles you’ll be driving or how many different locations you’ll be driving to.

Policies are available for just one hour (up to 12 hours), daily or even for one month at a time and give you comprehensive cover as standard with no restrictions on when or where you can drive.

It can be ideal if you’re away on a course for work and want to share the drive with a colleague. If you want to use their car but don’t want to fork out for an expensive annual policy or adjust their existing cover, short term cover is the best option to get the cover you want for the duration you need.

If you’re a business owner and you have a new employee starting. Temporary cover can be quick and easy to get them cover on a company vehicle for a short period or while you arrange annual cover.

You can get a quote online at any time and you can select when you want the policy to begin, down to the minute. Cover can be instant if you need it to and because your policy documents are emailed to you, there’s no waiting around.

What are you covered for?

As mentioned above, you won’t need a separate policy for personal business use car insurance as it’s included in a temporary policy.

The policy will cover you for what is commonly known as Business Class 1. While this is the lowest level of business cover, it should be more than enough for most personal business uses including driving between multiple places of work for the duration of the policy. This could be for meetings, sales calls, or house visits.

Short term insurance also covers the standard social, domestic, and pleasure uses as well as commuting. This means you’re covered for everyday driving such as going to the shops as well as commuting to a single permanent workplace.

Unfortunately, you won’t be covered for courier purposes, hire or reward also known as insurance for taxis, or commercial travelling which is permanent travel for business or selling goods or services while on the road.

You will also be unable to get cover to carry hazardous goods or be driven at a hazardous location.

Who can get a policy?

To ensure we can offer temporary insurance to as wide a range of drivers as possible, we work with a panel of insurers each with slightly different acceptance criteria.

While each individual insurer differs on who can get cover, we are confident at least one of the insurance providers we work with will be able to give you a quote if you meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 18-78
  • Held your licence for at least 6 months
  • Have had no more than 6pts in the last 2 years or 7pts in the last years
  • Have not been disqualified in the past two years
  • Want to insure a vehicle worth between £500 and £65,000
  • Want to insure a vehicle with no more than 8 seats

To find out how much you could save with temporary personal business use car insurance, get a quick and easy quote now.