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How can we help you with impound insurance today?

Last Updated: 09/02/2017

It’s unfortunate, but if your vehicle has been impounded, you need to act quickly and follow the proper steps in order to get it released. First and foremost you have to make sure you have the right insurance, otherwise, authorities won’t release your vehicle.

You might find that a lot of annual insurers won’t offer cover for impounded vehicle release so you might have to get a policy that is designed for retrieving a vehicle. Temporary impounded vehicle cover gives you 30 days insurance, the minimum that National Police Protocol and other similar authorities will accept to release a vehicle. It’s quick and easy to purchase a policy and you’re covered instantly so there’s no waiting around.

You’ll probably have a million things on your mind during this difficult time, so one way to relieve some of that stress is getting the right insurance that you know will allow you to recover your property as soon as possible.

Once you’ve purchased your policy, a copy of the insurance documents will be emailed to you straight away so there’s no waiting around and you can retrieve your vehicle quickly.

Why do I need impounded vehicle insurance?

No matter what the offence, in order to get your vehicle back you need to have insurance. If you don’t already have an annual policy or you existing insurance won’t cover impounded vehicles then you need to purchase a policy that does.

Most annual insurers won’t offer impounded vehicles given the risk involved. You also won’t be able to get a standard temporary insurance policy because you need to have a minimum of one month’s cover. Standard short-term insurance only lasts up to 28 days and often comes with specific exclusions on using it for releasing impounded vehicles.

Time is crucial

In these situations, you need to purchase a policy as quickly as possible. You have just 7 working days to reclaim your vehicle and the longer you leave it, the longer you’ll be without your vehicle, plus the £20 a day storage fee you have to pay will soon add up to a large, unwanted expense.

If you fail to reclaim your vehicle or fail to show the correct documentation within 14 days, your vehicle will be disposed of.

In such a time-sensitive situation a temporary policy is the ideal solution. You can get a quote in minutes and get insurance from the minute you need it. The process is simple and straightforward and because your insurance documents are emailed to you instantly you can retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible; saving you hassle and expense.

Why choose a short-term policy?

You can purchase impounded insurance that covers you for a full year but this can be extremely costly, especially at a time when you have to pay other expensive fees to get your vehicle released. With a temporary policy you get 30 days insurance, which is not only the minimum needed for release but gives you time to decide whether you want to sell your vehicle or purchase an annual insurance policy for it.

What do I need to get my vehicle back?

Valid insurance documents are not the only thing you need to have your impounded vehicle released. You must prove that you own the vehicle before you will be allowed to collect it. To make this process as quick and painless as possible, you should take all the following documents with you:

o Proof of valid insurance

o Full driver’s license (including counterpart)

o Proof of ownership (The full log book (V5C) or a new keeper supplement (V5C/10) with a verifiable and 'in date' bill of sale)

o MOT (A valid MOT certificate or evidence of a pre-booked MOT appointment)

This is a general list of the documents most pounds will require. You should find a full list of the specific documents you must present in a notice letter which is sent when the vehicle is ready for collection.

What do I get with a temporary policy?

Purchasing temporary impounded vehicle cover means you can get your vehicle released at your earliest convenience. With a short-term policy you get:

o A quick and easy quote in minutes

o Instant cover 24/7

o The legal length of insurance for releasing a vehicle

o Documents emailed to you instantly for immediate use

At what is bound to be an extremely stressful time, a temporary policy gives you everything you need to prove your insurance, delivered quickly and simply.