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Looking to save time and money on temporary insurance? You've come to the right place!

Tempcover compares prices from a range of insurers to get you the best deal possible. Here's what you'll get when you use Tempcover

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    You only pay for the cover you want and only when you need it.
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    Ideal for commutes, days out and weekends away.
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    Riders aged 17-70 could get fast, flexible cover.
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Find flexible cover for your 125cc bike

Smaller motorcycles are incredibly popular for riders of all ages, but especially for younger riders and new riders generally. Thanks to their lower insurance costs, low price tag, and all-round accessibility a 125cc bike is a great introduction to riding a motorbike.

Another part of the 125cc’s appeal is that you don’t need a full motorcycle licence to ride one – this means it’s ideal for riders who only use a bike occasionally.

Just as a 125cc motorcycle is perfect for anyone borrowing a bike or wanting to ride occasionally in warmer weather, temporary insurance it the easiest, most affordable way to ensure you’re properly insured when riding your 125cc.

From 17 days, riders aged 17-70 can get comprehensive cover and flexible policies for a range of everyday situations. Find out more about temporary motorbike insurance and get a quote quickly and easily online and be covered in minutes.

Even if you only ride occasionally you must be properly insured to use the bike. Riding without insurance is illegal and can result in a number of penalties and you risk having the bike confiscated and potentially crushed.

125cc bike insurance

Who can ride a 125cc motorbike?

125cc bikes are the choice of many riders because they’re usually the first bike you’re allowed to ride. Aside from mopeds and small 50cc bikes, most young riders first experience will be on a 125cc.

You’re able to ride one when you turn 17 as long as you have a valid CBT certificate (which lasts for two years if you haven’t taken your full test).

If you haven’t taken your full motorcycle test you must have L-plates on your bike and you’re not allowed to carry passengers.

Once you’ve passed your theory and practical bike tests and hold one of the different licence types you won’t have to worry about these restrictions.

How much does temporary 125cc bike insurance cost?

Like all insurance products, the price you pay for your policy depends on a number of factors. Everything from your driving history to your job and address, to the bike you want to ride, is considered a risk factor.

These risk factors are analysed by the insurer and your risk (the likelihood that you’ll have to make a claim) is determined using data and previous industry experience.

Unfortunately, this may mean you pay more because of accidents other riders with similar details have had in the past, but it can work in your favour as well.

Your occupation may be deemed as high risk which could increase your policy price but at the same time you could live in a low-risk location and save money on your premiums.

Cheap 125cc motorbike insurance is usually easier to find because they’re less powerful than most bikes, but if you’re a young rider you might find your premiums are more expensive.

In the same way younger drivers face higher prices, young motorcycle riders will also pay more for insurance because of their lack of experience.

While you may pay more for your cover, there are a number of ways to reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

How to save money on 125cc motorbike insurance

Pass your full motorcycle test

Passing your full test will show insurers that you have a basic level of riding ability and have at least some experience of riding on the road.

Although you’ll be riding a bike than anyone aged 17 and with CBT can ride, passing your motorcycle test will usually get you some sort of discount on your premiums.

You can also try advanced rider training for more experience and to potentially save even more money.

Storing your bike properly

Smaller bikes, like a 125cc engine motorcycle, are extremely popular for thieves so it’s incredibly important to store your bike safely and securely.

Keeping your motorcycle in a locked garage overnight will drastically reduce the chances of it being stolen and that will help keep the cost of your 125cc bike insurance premium down.

It’s also worth investing in high-quality security when parking your bike elsewhere. Insurers will appreciate the extra security of a good alarm system and immobiliser and will probably reward you with a discount.

Only pay for the cover you need

While many people use a motorcycle every day, a lot of riders only hop on occasionally or when the weathers good.

If you’re only using your bike occasionally you shoulder the type of insurance you’re buying. Forking out a years’ worth of cover when you only ride a few days a year is a huge waste of money.

Try a temporary 125cc bike insurance policy to see how much it could save you. You only pay for the cover you need for a duration that suits you.

Increase your excess

Increasing the amount you’re willing to pay towards a claim can reduce the overall cost of your insurance premium as insurers won’t have to pay as much towards the total cost of a claim.

While this is a great idea when it comes to buying your policy, make sure that you can actually afford to pay the excess if the time comes.

Not paying the excess will stop a claim being processed and could cost you thousands of pounds in the long run. compares prices from a range of insurers to get you the best deal possible

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