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How to increase your van’s security

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As vans are used to transport cargo or hold expensive tools, they are often a target for thieves and vandals looking to get their hands on your precious cargo and any other high-priced items that may be stored in your van.

While vans are fairly robust and can be difficult to get into, if you’ve been a victim of a break-in or just want to beef up the existing security on your van, there are a number of ways you can make it more secure.

Increasing the security of your van will not only help keep your possessions safe, but it can also have other benefits. Many insurance providers look at the level of security your van has and will offer a discounted premium depending on how secure it is.

This could end up saving you a load of money of your premiums and reduce the likelihood of you having to make a claim.

It can be really easy to make your van more safe and secure and to help you with a few security suggestions we’ve put together this handy guide to help you increase your van’s security and save money on insurance.

Keep your van locked and secure

The very least you can do to improve the security of your van is to ensure that it has the best locks available. There’s nothing particularly sophisticated about having massive extra locks on your van but they will certainly do the job.

Deadlocks – These extra locks on your van can be a huge help if your vehicle is targeted by thieves looking to use brute force to get in. They make your van far tougher to get into as they’re difficult to pick but of course, you must remember to lock both your vans own locks and the new deadlock.

Slamlocks – These are similar to a deadlock as they give your van that extra level of security but for many, they’re more preferable as they lock automatically when the door is slammed shut. This means that your vehicle is more secure not only when it’s parked up at night but from the moment you leave the vehicle.

Try and make the extra locks on your vehicle as visible as possible – this will act as an initial deterrent to any potential thieves.

Always be watching

From a security point of view, it would be ideal if you could always keep an eye on your van. While ideal, this is highly impractical unless you sleep with one eye open, staring out the window.

If like most of us you can’t do this, you can always keep an eye on it if you install a CCTV camera at home and a dashcam within your van.

This way you can cover all areas of your van while it’s at home and on the road, giving you that 24/7 security that not only acts as a deterrent when visible but can also help to identify thieves and give you greater peace of mind.

Along with all the general security enhancements, dashcams themselves can help reduce the overall cost of your insurance premium as many insurers now offer extra discounts for vehicles with them installed.

Take the important things with you

One way to reduce the chances of having your vehicle targeted is not to add something to your van but instead, remove something – all your valuables and work equipment. This includes things like sat-nav’s and bags as a lot of thieves will take anything they can get.

Unfortunately, it may take you removing the temptation to stop your vehicle from being targeted but if thieves can’t see anything of value in your van, they’re less likely to try and break in.

If they do however still want to break in, they’re going to walk away with much as your precious items will be safely stored elsewhere.

Protect the vulnerable points

Your van’s windows are probably the most vulnerable point of your vehicle and are often the area of your van that thieves will target.

There are two ways you can improve the security of your vans windows –

Darken your windows – Adding a tinted sheet or completely tinting your windows will stop prying eyes from being able to see in your van and away from any valuables you had to keep inside.

Install extra secure reinforcements – Installing super strong and secure steel grilles to the inside of your back or side windows will turn the weakest area of your van into one of the most protected.

Keep track of your van

If despite all the extra security you’ve added to your van it still manages to get stolen, a GPS tracker is the best way of being able to recover it in one piece.

They’re not incredibly expensive and thanks to modern technology, GPS trackers can not only provide you with theft alerts, but they also come with a range of features that will be generally useful for your business.

We hope that with these handy tips, you’ll increase your vans security and prevent any future break-ins.

Be sure to inform your insurer of all the extra security measures you’ve taken to receive all possible insurance discounts.