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How to save money on van insurance

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A van can be a lot more than just a way of getting from A to B, for some drivers, it’s the backbone of their business, while for others, a van is a handy, occasional way of transporting large items of furniture.

Whatever you need a van for; you must ensure that you are legally insured to drive it. Without the correct insurance, you could face points on your licences and unlimited fines.

We all know that insurance can be expensive but it’s a legal requirement, so rather than avoiding it and facing the repercussions, there are a number of ways you can save money on van insurance.

How you use your van

One of the easiest ways to reduce your van insurance is to first identify how often and for what purpose, you use it. It’s important to be as open and honest with your insurer as possible as it can have a huge impact on how much you pay.

For example, if you use the van for personal use rather than business, be sure to mention it as the value of the contents of your van is likely to be lower. This will probably reduce the overall cost of your premium.

Most annual insurance companies will ask you to estimate the number of miles you drive each year to get an idea of how often you use your vehicle. Try and be as accurate as possible when making this estimate as overestimating could mean your premiums are unnecessarily high.

Temporary van insurance

If you don’t use your van the whole year round or need to borrow one on a short term basis, the best way to get cheap van insurance is to only pay for the duration you want.

Rather than buying annual insurance, which could be unnecessary and extremely expensive in some cases, having temporary insurance gives you comprehensive cover from 1 to 28 days.

It’s the ideal insurance solution for drivers using a van occasionally, for moving house or even if their own vehicle is off the road. You can compare quotes to make sure you get the best price possible and you instant cover from the second you want it.

It can also save you money in the long run as it will protect your No Claims Discount if you have an accident or have to make a claim. Temporary policies are separate and therefore have no impact on any existing insurance you may have.

It’s perfect for a range of everyday situations and is often overlooked as an option. It can give you peace of mind when behind the wheel, while still getting the best possible value for money.

Reducing your risk factor

Whether you’re applying for annual or temporary insurance, reducing the risk you pose and the risks you face can really reduce the cost of your cover.

Obviously, there are some factors you can’t or shouldn’t change for the sake of insurance such as your occupation or your age but there are a number of other, simpler ways to reduce the cost of your premiums.

The security of your van

Vans are arguably more likely to be a target for thieves because of the contents that could be inside. Insurers are aware of this, so any steps you can take to make your van more secure will be rewarded with a cheaper premium.

Make sure that any tools or work items are removed from your van overnight and if possible try to park it off the road or in a garage. Installing an immobiliser is also a great sign that you take the security of your van seriously and will, therefore, be a lower risk.

Many insurers will also give you discounts if you have a logo or name printed on the side of your van, this shows your insurer that you care about your vehicle and it is more likely to be identified if it’s stolen.

Be safe on the road

Being a safe and sensible driver will not only reduce the cost of your insurance but will also make the roads that little bit safer. Vans can be intimidating, so keeping your distance and making sure you’re following speed limits will reduce your chances of having an accident.

The more years you go without being involved in an accident, the bigger your No Claims Discount will be. Over the years this will reduce the cost of your insurance.

Choose the right van for your situation

When you’re assessing how much you use your van, it could be worth whether you have the right size van for your needs.

The size, make and model and age of a van can have a huge impact on the cost of your insurance, so if you don’t need a large, powerful van then you should seriously consider trading it in for something more cheaper and economical.

Show off your trade associations

Van drivers who use their vehicle for their trade may find that they have to pay more for their insurance because of the risk of theft and the larger vehicle size.

While this can be frustrating, being a tradesman can have its advantages when it comes to applying for insurance. You’ll find that some insurers offer discounts on their insurance to van drivers who are a part of recognised trade associations.

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