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Learner Insurance for a week

One week learner driver insurance

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Can you get learner driver insurance for one week?

There’s so much to be getting excited about while you’re learning to drive. What new skill will you master in your next lesson? What car will you end up owning? And when you pass, where will all that new-found freedom take you next?

But it’s important not to lose sight of the important stuff. Driving tests are tougher than ever, and you’ll be wanting to get as much practice in as you can, particularly as the big day approaches. Failing will set you back weeks and hamper your morale, so you need to take your test seriously.

You could squeeze in some extra tutored lessons to get right up to scratch, but these certainly aren’t cheap. Fortunately, there’s an alternative that gives you as much time on the road as you like and won’t cost you by the hour.

You could practice in a friend or family member’s car once you apply for a provisional licence, as long as they accompany you. But you’ll need car insurance cover first.

Are learners covered under other people’s insurance?

Yes and no. When you’re in your driving instructor’s car, they have a specialised kind of insurance policy that automatically covers you so long as you’re paying for their services. If something were to happen, it would be on them to claim and sort out, so learners need not worry about insurance at all when paying for classes.

But if you’re arranging private sessions with a friend or family member, you will need provisional insurance. The car owner could try adding you to their policy, but since you haven’t even passed yet, there’s a good chance that their insurance provider will say no – and this could cost a lot of money regardless. Because their insurance won’t apply to you, you’ll need another arrangement. And that’s where temporary learner driver insurance for a week comes in.

So can i drive any car with one week’s learner insurance?

No, you’ll only be able to drive the car that’s named on your policy. But there’s nothing stopping you paying for another provisional insurance policy on a different car, if you wanted to get some practice in using a second vehicle.

Do you need seven-day learner insurance for your driving test?

Probably not, no – unless you’re planning on taking a seriously extended test!

However, you may need some form of learner insurance depending on whose car you’re driving and you can choose a time frame that suits you, from one day leaner insurance through to one month learner insurance.

As was the case during your lessons, if you take the test in your instructor’s car, their specialised insurance will automatically apply to you. But if you want to take the test in your, or a friend/family member’s car, you’ll have to arrange temporary learner insurance to do this.

Why choose one-week provisional insurance?

Because you don’t plan on staying a provisional driver for long, you’ll only want insurance for the short term. You’ll need a different kind of policy in place once you pass to cover any car you drive, which is why we also offer temporary car insurance for new drivers.

There are lots of other reasons why learner insurance for one week can come in handy, including:

You can get some extra practice

Driving tests aren’t easy; and they certainly aren’t meant to be. Getting some extra hours on the road before your test could be invaluable, but lessons with an instructor can be expensive.

Practicing in a friend or family member’s car is a great idea, but unlike with your paid classes, you’ll need car insurance covering you. Fortunately this can be arranged in minutes, and while it does cost, it’ll work out much cheaper than the equivalent would have cost in hours of professional driving lessons.

You can drive your own car

Sometimes you have to take an opportunity when it presents itself! If you find a car you love before you’ve passed your test, there’s nothing stopping you from buying it. But you wouldn’t be able to drive it yourself yet – unless you got one week provisional insurance, that is.

This policy will give you a few days to get used to your new vehicle, and it’ll mean that when you pass, you can hit the ground running in it. You could even use it to get some test practice with.

Just remember that, as is the case for a provisional driver in any vehicle, you still can’t drive the car without an experienced driver present until you pass.

You can take your test in a car of your choosing

Whether that’s a car you’ve bought and have already been driving, or you’re more comfortable in Mum or Dad’s car rather than your instructor’s, one week provisional insurance will let you do exactly this.

What are the benefits of learner insurance for a week?

Because it’s designed to work around you, there are loads of benefits to short term learner driver insurance, including:

  • You’ll get comprehensive cover. All the policies we’ll quote you for at Tempcover come comprehensive as standard.
  • It’s very quick to arrange. Because we’ve made the process so simple and straightforward, you could have your policy starting ten minutes from now, or even less.
  • You’ll protect their no claims discount. It’s naturally a worry for anyone letting a learner use their car that they could lose their no claims discount. But because your policy is separate, there’s wont be affected.
  • It’s flexible, and you’re not locked into anything. You’ll only get and pay for a weeks’ worth of cover. If you pass in that time, you’ll need a different sort of policy and can just let this one expire. If you fail, just arrange more temporary cover when you need it.

How to get one week learner insurance from Tempcover

At Tempcover, we do all we can to make getting learner insurance as straightforward as possible.

You’ll start the process by providing us with your details and information about the car you’d like to be insured one. We won’t be too intrusive; we’ll only ask for what we need to create a quote that’s tailored to you.

We’ll then present you with a range of options for our panel of insurers. If you find something you’re happy with, simply proceed to payment and we’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll receive all your policy documents by email minutes later. You’ll have picked the exact time and date you want your cover to start – be that in five minutes or up to as much as 28 days from now. You simply wait until the insurance kicks in, and you’re good to go.

With help from our learner insurance, you can start building up the confidence you need to pass your test.