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1 month learner driver insurance

Learners can get flexible cover for up 3 months

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Can you get provisional insurance for a month?

Yes, you can! If you don’t have a full driving license yet, many insurers are unlikely to offer you cover, but with one month learner insurance from Tempcover, you can get a policy in place quickly and easily.

Many insurance providers may allow you to be added to an existing policy, your parents or another family member for example, but this is often an expensive and time-consuming option. With Tempcover however, provisional licence holders aged 17-25 get their own monthly learner insurance, which is customisable and fits around their schedule.

For many learners, being able to practice in your time, at your own pace is crucial to get the experience and confidence you need to pass your test.

By having one month provisional car insurance, provisional drivers can relax and focus on picking up some skills, without having to worry about what happens if something goes wrong.

Why would I need monthly learner driver’s insurance?

Just because you don’t have a full driving license yet, or perhaps don’t even have a vehicle of your own, doesn’t mean you can get by without insurance.

In the eyes of the law, if you are on the road – regardless of whether you are a learner or not – you are going to be treated exactly the same, including when it comes to insurance.

If you’re driving a vehicle, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, you must be properly insured to do so.

Do I still need insurance if I’m learning on private land?

Potentially, yes. All the same laws apply to drivers learning on ‘private land’. If you are learning to drive in an area the public has access to, for example, a footpath then you must have the same insurance as you would need to drive on the road.

Without the right monthly learner insurance, not only do you risk having your car seized but you could face fines and see points added to your licence. This can have a big, negative impact on your premiums when buying annual insurance after you’ve passed.

Having the right insurance is not only the law, but it gives learners that little bit extra reassurance when practicing on the road.

Would I want one month learner insurance if I only use my instructor’s car?

No, you don’t need to have insurance if you are learning to drive with an approved instructor, in their vehicle. Insuring you and the vehicle is their responsibility. But getting one month provisional car insurance could let you use a friend or family member’s car, to get some extra practice in.

Why choose one month learner insurance?

For many learners, the flexibility of one month learner insurance means they can practice their driving when it suits them and the people they’re learning with.

As you only pay for the cover you actually want, you save time and money by not purchasing an annual policy.

As well as working around your schedule, learner insurance for a month can also give peace of mind to the parents and family members, that are letting learners use their car during lessons.

Because one month provisional insurance is a separate policy, it won’t have any effect on any existing no claims discount they have built up.

It also saves them the time and effort of adding you as a named driver on their own policy, which as you’re a learner driver, would most likely cause their premiums to rise significantly.

For quick and simple insurance so you can practice at your own speed, one month learner insurance is often the best choice. It’s comprehensive cover that means you can relax and focus on getting lots of practice in.

When might one month learner insurance come in handy?

In the run up to your driving test

You’ll often find that you have to wait for weeks or even months for a driving test slot. You may feel ready for your test now, but if you have to go a month without driving, you could well find yourself lacking practice when the big day comes.

One month provisional insurance is a great way of getting the practice you need without having to fork out for unnecessary lessons or annual policy. Because it’s separate from any existing cover your friends or family may have on their vehicle, you don’t have to worry about adjusting their policy to cover you. Doing so would be an expensive process, especially if you only need insurance for a month or two.

With one month provisional insurance, you only pay for the cover you need. You can even change that time period, with policies available from one day up to three months, so no matter how far away your test is, you can get the crucial practice you need before your test.

While home from university

If you’ve gone to university then you might think that your opportunity to learn to drive has passed, but with a one month provisional car insurance policy, you can get cover to learn whenever your back home.

Whether it’s a few weeks over Christmas or during the summer holidays, monthly learner driver insurance lets you drive your own car or a friend or family member’s vehicle, for only as long as you need to. And because the monthly cover is available instantly, no matter what your schedule, you can get a quote and purchase a policy in minutes.

You can get a quote anytime online and unlike other insurance providers, there are no limits to when you can and can’t drive during the policy.

Find monthly learner driver insurance that suits you

With Tempcover, you can get a one month learner driver insurance quote in minutes, and you’re covered from the moment you want to be.