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Temporary minibus insurance

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What is temporary minibus insurance?

Temporary minibus insurance is a short term insurance option when you need to borrow a minibus for a few days or weeks. If you don’t want to adjust the existing cover on the minibus or take out a long term policy, temporary minibus insurance is a great way to save time and money.

Getting cover for your minibus takes just 90 seconds and is designed to work around your situation. Choose the cover you need with short term minibus insurance and cut the cost of cover today.

How does short term minibus insurance work?

Short term minibus insurance works in the same way as our temporary van insurance cover. Simply tell us how long you want to insure the minibus for and when you want cover to begin. You’ll then need to provide some basic details about the driver of the minibus and the vehicle itself.

If based on those details, our panel of insurers can provide cover, you’ll see a price for your policy. From them, simply confirm you’re happy with the price enter your payment details, and cover will begin when you need it to. Your policy documents are emailed to you instantly, so there’s no waiting around.

Once the policy ends, that’s it. There are no long term commitments and if you need short term minibus insurance again, it’s the same quick and easy process every time.

Getting the cover you need is simple.

What does temporary minibus insurance cover?

Minibus insurance is covered by our commercial vehicle product and therefore comes with fully comprehensive cover as standard. Within that, you can expect cover for:

What’s covered with short term minibus insurance

What’s not covered with short term minibus insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance on policies from 1 hour to 28 daysThe excess you agreed to pay
Accidental and malicious damage to your vanRelease from an impound (unless you buy a specific temporary impounded van policy)
Loss or damage to your van caused by fire, theft, or attempted theftAdditional drivers – we can only cover the driver named on the policy
Legal liabilities for injury or damage to another person or their propertyNo cover for the loss or damage to a vehicle, trailer, trailer-caravan or broken-down vehicle when being towed by the insured van
Personal belongings (definitions may differ by insurer)Any goods carried in or on the vehicle when courier use is selected.
Driving in the UK, and in some instances driving in the EUFor use as a taxi, for fast food delivery, parcel delivery or as a chauffeur

Tempcover works with a panel of insurers to ensure we can provide temporary insurance for as many drivers as possible. Because of this, full details of cover may differ depending on the insurer. Please double-check the policy wording before purchasing to confirm what is specifically covered in your policy.

Can I get temporary minibus insurance?

There are many factors that insurers consider when offering cover. Your age, location, driving history, and van are just some of the things our panel of insurance providers look at when calculating your risk.

We’re confident we can provide you with a quote if you and the vehicle you want to insure meet the following criteria:

To get temporary van insurance, you must

To get temporary van insurance, your van must

Be aged 17-77 years oldBe valued between £1,500 and £65,000
Hold a UK or EU driving licenceBe in a roadworthy condition with a current and valid MOT (unless you are using the insurance policy to take the vehicle to a pre-booked MOT)
Have been a permanent UK resident for the last 12 monthsThe vehicle must be taxed (unless you are using the insurance policy to obtain tax for the vehicle immediately after purchase)
Have no more than 7 licence points in the last 3 yearsNo modifications, other than the addition of manufacturer’s optional extras; signage, roof racks, ply lining or interior storage etc. and those designed to aid disabled drivers
Have not been disqualified from driving for the last 2 yearsBe a right-hand-drive van
Have had no more than 2 fault claims in the last 3 yearsHave no more than 5 seats
Have no criminal convictionsNot weigh more than 7.5 tonnes
Not have had a previous policy of insurance declared void by an insurer

Unfortunately, there are instances where even if you meet the above criteria, you will be unable to find temporary minibus insurance with Tempcover. We are always looking to expand our acceptance criteria, so be sure to check back again soon to see if we can provide cover.

What does temporary minibus insurance cost?

Minibus insurance cost depends on the driver of the minibus and the vehicle itself. Like all insurance products, the cost is calculated on the details of the insured, also known as risk factors. These factors are calculated to determine how likely you are to make a claim based on drivers with similar details.

The details that are used to calculate your minibus insurance cost include:

  • Your age
  • Your driving experience
  • Your location
  • Your vehicle make and model
  • Your vehicle value
  • Your occupation
  • Your driving licence type
  • What you’re using the vehicle for

You can’t change most of these factors, but reducing the risk for a few of these can lead to cheaper temporary minibus insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Minibus Insurance

Are minibuses expensive to insure?

Minibuses can be expensive to insure because they’re larger vehicles that are often driven by those without experience of doing so. There are also more passengers in the vehicle which can increase the amount an insurer would have to pay if you were to make a claim on your minibus. These added factors mean insuring a minibus can be expensive, especially compared to a standard car or van.

Because of this, a short term insurance policy for your minibus could be the ideal insurance option. You only pay for the cover you need, so if you’re driving a minibus occasionally, or just need to borrow it for a day or two, temporary minibus insurance could be the best choice for you.

When would I need temporary minibus insurance?

There are many everyday situations when temporary minibus insurance for a few days or weeks can be the best choice for you.

  • Taking friends and family to an event
  • Long-distance road trips
  • School trips
  • Borrowing a minibus while yours is in for repairs
  • Travelling to the airport
  • Camping trips

Do I need special insurance for a minibus?

It depends on the number of passengers and what you’re using it for. According to the DVLA, you can drive a minibus with up to 16 passenger seats using a standard driving licence as long as you are not receiving payment, are over 21 and have held your driving licence for more than 2 years.

You will also need to meet certain medical standards and looking to drive a minibus with a with of no more than 3.5 tonnes. If you need to carry more passengers or drive a larger minibus, you will need a PSV licence from the DVSA.

Can I use temporary minibus insurance in Europe?

As our temporary minibus insurance is covered by our temporary van insurance product you will be able to drive in Europe from the 3rd of August 2021. Until the 3rd of August 2021, anyone looking to drive in Europe will require a Green Card which is currently not available from Tempcover.

From the 3rd of August 2021, you will be able to drive in Europe with temporary insurance. Your minibus must be in the UK at the start and end of the policy and you will receive the minimum level of cover required by the country you’re driving in. Make sure you know which countries you’re travelling to before you get your insurance, then you can check if the policy will cover you.

The cover you need for the duration you want

Full cover,
no impact

Get fully comprehensive cover on our standard short term policies - plus it won't affect your no claims discount

Hourly, daily, weekly

Choose the duration you want with 1-12 hour and 1-28 day cover available - don't pay for cover you don't need

All customised, nothing added

Customise your policy to suit your specific situation - get the policy you want and even choose the minute you want your policy to begin

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