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Impounded Vehicle

What cover do I get with my Impound Policy?

All of our Impound policies are Third Party Only.

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What if the Police or Impound need to speak to you about my Policy?

Here at Tempcover, we have a dedicated line that all Policing teams and Impounds can get access to should they need to discuss the policy with us.

The line is open Monday-Friday 9am until 5.30pm. Should any official body or company need to get in touch regarding your policy outside of these hours, they can email us as, where their inquiry will be read and actioned on the next working day.

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What happens If I don’t need the cover anymore?

You can cancel the policy at any time if you no longer need it, by contacting our Customer Care Team. Please be aware that as per the terms agreed to at purchase, there is no refund available, even if you cancel before the policy expires.

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Do I need to be the vehicle owner?

Currently, our policies only permit 1 driver per policy, and for impound, we only offer cover for the vehicle owner. You must be able to provide proof of legal title to the vehicle when attending the Police station for them to authorise your insurance for release. 

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What can I use my Impound policy for?

Our impound policies can only be used for release, and then social, domestic and pleasure use for the remainder of the 30 day policy. You are not permitted to use the policy for commuting or business purposes at any time.

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Can I take out Impound cover for less than 30 days?

Unfortunately not, as the police require a 30 day policy or more in order to agree the release of your vehicle.

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What details do I need to apply for Impounded Cover?

You’ll need all the details of the driver/vehicle owner who wishes to take out the insurance, including their contact details, address, date of birth, and details of the vehicle. It also helps to have the license number handy because you may be asked to provide this throughout the application. 

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Why can’t I get a quote?

If after submitting your application you have not been offered a quote by any of our insurers this may be due to a combination of factors such as your age, the duration that you’ve held your licence and the vehicle you’re looking to insure. It may be that one or all of these factors do not meet our insurers acceptance criteria and unfortunately, we cannot change the outcome of this for you. Do pop back again in the future; we constantly review our acceptance criteria and work hard with our insurers to provide quotes for our customers.

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When will my vehicle show on AskMID?

The details of the Motor Insurers Database will be shown on your Policy Confirmation email.

Once you’ve purchased a temporary insurance policy, your insurance details will shortly be passed to the Motor Insurance Database (MID). We have a time to supply to the Database of 7 days and so due to the short-term nature of your policy, it is possible your policy may have expired before the details appear on askMID.

We recommend that you print your Insurance Certificate and have this with you as this remains valid proof of your insurance and legal entitlement to drive the vehicle.

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Can I insure my vehicle when it’s impounded?

Here at Tempcover we know that when this happens, you need the right cover and you need it fast.  Here’s the top tips you need to know about our impounded vehicle insurance:

  • You must have had your licence for 6 months or more
  • We can’t offer impound insurance on Motorbikes, only Cars or Vans
  • You (the insured driver) must be the vehicle owner (and have proof that you are)
  • The Policy will be for 30 days, any other policy with us that is less than 30 days will not allow you to get your vehicle from the impound
  • We can only offer this cover for UK registered vehicles
  • The vehicle must have a valid MOT at the time of purchase

PLEASE REMEMBER: We cannot operate above the law, and as such if the police are not satisfied with the information you’ve provided, you will need to try and resolve it with them first, all we can do is cancel the policy – we can’t make any changes.

Make sure that you are happy with all the terms and conditions of the policy before you buy, as no refund will be available once it’s paid for, regardless of the circumstances. More information can be found on this here. 

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