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2 week car insurance

Temporary car cover for 2 weeks

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Can you get two week car insurance?

There are lots of situations where you might want or need to get behind of the wheel of a car you don’t usually drive. Perhaps you need to borrow someone else’s while yours is in for repairs, or you might be planning on sharing the duties on a driving holiday. Either way, you’ll have to make sure you’re legal to drive any vehicle you’re going to take to the road in, and that includes having insurance.

You may have an annual policy of your own on another vehicle, but this won’t be enough. You need to be named on an insurance policy, that’s assigned to the very vehicle you’re going to use, even if it’s only for a couple of journeys. With serious penalties if you’re caught without it, driving with no insurance is never worth the risk.

To get cover, you have a few options. You could get the car’s owner to add you to their policy, but this is a rather expensive and time-consuming process, with charges involved to amend the policy and a high likelihood it’ll push up premiums thereafter. That doesn’t seem worthwhile if you only need to use the car for a week or two.

You could take out your own annual policy on the vehicle, but it’s no good being locked into an arrangement that provides cover for way longer than you need.

Thankfully, you can get two week car insurance, which is an excellent alternative.

How can i get car insurance for two weeks?

At Tempcover, we can find almost any driver a suitable two week car insurance policy. While there a few exclusions, you should be able to find a flexible policy that provides exactly the cover you need – no more, no less. Getting your quote with Tempcover saves all the time and hassle that comes with changing existing policies, and means you won’t be locked into any contracts that run for far longer than you need. You just pick your term length and when you want it to start – then you’re good to go.

Can i get temporary cover for any timeframe i like?

Yes, you can get car insurance for however long you like, up to 28 days at a time. Our two week car insurance is perfect for lots of situations, whether you’re going on holiday or you’re back from uni during summer. But you can change alter your quote to whatever term length suits you, from a few hours to cover a single journey, one week car insurance for on-going jobs, right up to the full four weeks.

Why get two week car insurance?

There are lots of scenarios where a 2 week car insurance policy could be just the thing you need. These include, but are not limited to:

If you’re going on holiday

Driving holidays are as popular as ever, and experiencing several destinations along a route you’ve mapped out can make for the trip of a lifetime.

Alternatively, you may just be planning to use your car to get your single destination and back, be that the farer reaches of the UK or somewhere beyond, such as popping over the channel to traverse France and Spain by road.

Either way, where there’s a long journey involved, it’s a good and safe idea to share the driving with somebody else. But you’ll need the right insurance in place to do this.

You could alter the car owner’s existing policy, but this could end up costing a lot for the sake of one holiday. With our 2 week car insurance, you can get temporary cover that lasts only for the duration of your trip, no more or less.

You’ll find that, thanks to our temporary European car insurance, your cover will be valid at almost any destination you could feasibly drive to.

If you’re back home from university

Whether it’s a reading week, Christmas, or the big summer break; it’s nice to get back to your hometown from time to time. But now you’re living elsewhere and have everything you need on campus, you may have given your car up – if you ever had your own in the first place.

That can make getting around when you do come home a bit of a pain. Of course, a family member could always add you to the insurance on their car, but this could cost you more than it needs to if you’re only back for a few weeks a year.

With our temporary student car insurance, you can zip about town in Mum or Dad’s car without a worry. Our two week policies are an ideal duration for those end-of-semester reunions, and as they act as a separate policy, your family member won’t have to worry about how their no claims discount could be affected if you had an accident.

If you’re learning to drive

When learning to drive, your tutored lessons will be essential in giving you the guidance and experience required to pass your test. But every little helps, and getting some extra practice in will only ever do you good.

Paying for lessons can get expensive, so a good way to get this extra time on the road is to head out for sessions with a family member or friend, in their car.

This is legal under most circumstances, but you’ll still need the right insurance to do it. With our provisional insurance for two weeks, you can get plenty of extra road experience in as test day approaches.

If your car is in for repairs

The day will come when even the most reliable of cars needs some work. Whether you’ve suffered a breakdown en-route somewhere and have had to have it towed, or your MOT has uncovered something and it’s not going anywhere fast – issues can strike at any time.

That’s a problem if you rely on your car day-to-day, but borrowing or sharing someone else’s car is an ideal workaround.

Our 2 week car insurance is an excellent option to keep you on the road while your car waits for parts and repairs. You can arrange the cover in minutes, as and when you need it, and won’t be locked into anything once you’ve got your own car back.

Two week car insurance benefits

Our 2 week car insurance is designed around you, to be flexible and convenient. Some of the benefits you’ll get with a policy include:

Cover for as long as you like

Whether it’s an hour, two weeks, or four, you pick a term length that suits you and your situation. You also pick exactly when you want your short-term car insurance to start.

No on-going contract

When the arrangement ends – that’s it. You don’t have to do anything, and you’re not tied into anything.

You get comprehensive cover

All the policies available through Tempcover are comprehensive as standard, so you’ll always get the best level of cover available.

Quick to arrange

With temporary insurance there’s no waiting around. It takes just minutes to get a quote online once you have your details to hand, and you could have your policy in place there and then.

Protection for your no claims discounts

As it’s a standalone policy, yours or that of someone your borrowing a car from won’t be affected if you need to claim.

How to get a two week car insurance quote from Tempcover

At Tempcover, we appreciate you’re busy enough without the added hassle of arranging insurance. That’s why we’ve made everything as simple as possible, and you could be just ten minutes away from having a policy in place.

We start by collecting a few details from you; your age, where you live, occupation and the like. We’ll also need to know about the car you’re being insured on, including its model and registration number.

We use this info to pull together a range of quotes from our panel of insurers, all of whom are members of the Association of British Insurers. Then it’s up to you to pick one that suits you best.

You then proceed to payment, and we’ll email over all your policy docs in minutes. After that, you just sit back and wait for your cover to start, whether you chose to have it right away or up to 28 days in the future.

Saving you time and money, it’s easy to see why a temporary car insurance arrangement could be ideal for you.